Thats life

Country music always seems to sum up exactly how life is.   

Inevitably people get hurt, things break, and crap happens.  I try not to get bogged down in the bad, since in reality there is so much more good than bad.

Today I had to remind myself to focus on the positive.  Instead of focusing on this:

This is the bad news
Are you confused?  Are you squinting to figure out what the heck I posted a picture of?? 

Well, that is the sunroof console of Chris' car covered in white duct tape.

Still confused?

Well, if you live in Seattle you will recall that on Saturday we had insanely nice weather.  Chris and I had to run errands and decided to take his car and cruise down the freeway with the sunroof open.  The only problem is that the sunroof wouldn't close fully when we got home.  Maybe it was rebelling like a teenage child.  I can't blame it.  It has been sitting closed for months on end and then we opened it only for a couple of hours.  Totally unfair!

Unfortunately our teenage sunroof decided to rebel at the same time Seattle decided to take away the sun and have a torrential downpour instead.

Luckily we could park his car in our sweet carport behind our house to keep the rain off (kind of glad we didn't tear that down now). I took his car to work today so I could drop it off at the shop by my work.  Well, the duct tape was supposed to keep the rain out of the car, but even duct tape can't stop a flood, or a monsoon, or whatever today's downpour was classified as.

As I was driving down the freeway the water started dripping onto the passenger seat, down the door, on the steering wheel and even on me.  Lucky for me, I was wearing my rain jacket.  Seriously, I started thinking how lucky I was that I had my rain jacket on INSIDE the car.

Midway down the freeway, with raindrops pelting me, I started giggling to myself thinking of the Seinfeld episode "Serenity now."  This was totally what I was doing in the car!

By time I finally made it to the shop the car was quite wet and then I had to try to explain our failed attempt to create a rain proof barrier with white duct tape.  I'm quite sure they laughed at me after I left.

I am yet to find out how much this little sunroof problem is going to cost, but I can tell you it is definitely going to eat into our dining room chair budget.

On a positive note, I got to dip into my giant bag of Swedish Fish today.

This is the good news