Creepy crawlies

Bad news.

We have ants.

Yeah, gross, I know.

I discovered them walking along the kitchen windowsill a few days ago.

They need to find a new home.

How did they get into my kitchen?

Someone please tell me how to get rid of them.  I'm trying not to freak out.


  1. Find out where they are coming in, and put a bunch of cayenne pepper around the opening. They don't like to cross it. Cinnamon can also work, but the cayenne worked for us in our apartment. Also, keep everything super clean! Assuming they are little ants and not big carpenter ants...

  2. Nice idea Carey, if only I could find where they are coming from! I will cayenne pepper the crap out of them!!

  3. You'll figure it out. Follow their little trails! They won't bite...I know, it's gross. Ours were after our cat food. Ick.

  4. We've had really good luck with those store bought ant traps - put them along baseboards and other places ants travel. We've never had to escalate the violence beyond that. They run home to safety, taking the poison back to their nests to kill all of their friends and loved ones. It also helps them understand the cruel irony of life in a colonial system.

  5. I am a fan of the ant traps mentioned above. Ant stakes are also great. You put them in the garden outside of the window (which is where mine were ALWAYS coming from). But if you only have a few you're not in too much trouble yet, get the traps and you should be set. And don't leave dirty dishes in the sink. They are relentless down here and it's just no fun to have to clean up giant trails of them when they find something they like.


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