Red, Red, Go away...

The previous homeowners did some wonky things, one of which was painting the office bright red with black sponge paint.

This is what it looked like when the house was staged
What kills me is that they painted the whole rest of the house a non-abrasive light yellow color, but left this room with their crazy sponge paint masterpiece.  Apparently this is what they thought was their showstopper (could that be why the house sat on the market for 4 months???).

I knew that the office was going to be our very first painting project.  I had to get rid of the red and the sponge paint.  Oh, and when I say "our" very first painting project, I actually mean that I will do the painting while Chris is either at work or doing anything in his power not to have to paint.

So I spent 4 hours last weekend tackling the walls with some tinted primer. 

What kind of crazy people sponge paint crown molding???  Apparently the same kind of crazy people who only texture 1/2 the wall and then leave the other half without texture.  Um yeah, I realized that the black sponge paint was covering up the fact that the got too lazy to texture the full walls.

Now, I need to texture the rest of the wall, finish priming and then paint the moldings and then eventually paint the walls.

That is what every one of my weekends are made for.


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