The green machine

I have an obsession with green bathrooms.  I am not sure where this comes from, but I have a serious thing for green.

Our old condo had a green bathroom, and I never once wanted to paint it.  I loved the pale green walls and the green shower curtain, it was very relaxing.  Considering it was the only room in the condo with a door that closed, I think I may have been partial to it for that reason.

When we were looking at houses, I loved the main floor bathroom in our house due to 1. It was already painted green 2. It had a chair rail (I love these) 3. It had a claw foot tub. 
The upstairs bathroom was not green, in fact it was a cream color with awful brown painted cabinets.
Nothing like cream walls with white trim
Gross brown cabinets (those are next on my list)
It was one of the 1st rooms I decided to paint (beside the red walls of the office).  I ended up choosing from a couple of greens.
Paint on the right was too dark, but the paint on the left was just perfect
After making the choice of greens, I spent nearly 6 hours painting the bathroom while Chris was at work on Sunday.  The boarded up windows made for a slight ventilation problem, but I ended up cracking all the skylights in the upstairs and it seemed to do the trick.  Granted, I may have been high on paint fumes by then, so I may be recalling it incorrectly. 

I was dancing around the bathroom listening to country radio, painting and burning roughly 250 calories per hour (not too shabby). It actually was really fun (again, this could have been the paint fumes talking).  I love love love the new paint brush that my coworker Colette gave me.  I only want to paint with Purdy angled paintbrushes for the rest of my life, and recommend you do the same.

When Chris got home, he helped paint for a while then went and made dinner (I was dying of hunger after burning all those calories). He was quite pleased with the progress and the color, but the first thing he asked was when "we" were painting the cabinets. Apparently I make it look so easy, he thinks I can just do everything in one weekend.  He's going to also learn that I need at least 2 weeks break before tackling another painting project.  If he wasn't working every weekend, I would make him paint them himself!

The downside of painting a whole room on Sunday- going to work on Monday with paint in your hair.  I'm not exactly sure how I got paint in my hair, as I didn't paint the ceiling- again, I blame the fumes.  Either way, I had paint in my hair, and couldn't get it out, so I sported a couple of green streaks on Monday.  I think I am starting a new fashion trend.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I also love green accessories, towels, candels etc.  I love love love this towel. Every time I shop, I find a new bit of green to bring home.  At some point it will be green over-kill.  At that point someone will need to step in and have an intervention, becauce I don't think I will ever know when enough is enough.
Do you love green like me?  I hope so, I would love some more green-obessed friends.  Oh, and friends who like to paint..... (I have lots more rooms).


  1. Painting is evil, and I can't believe you did this all by yourself!

    I too love green. We have a dark green bonus room, and we used to have a really amazingly vibrant green guest room, until we went to touch up the paint and realized the paint we were using was NOT the correct green. Now, it's a boring white. Sad face.


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