I'm seriously not ignoring you

Did I ever mention that I love comments on my posts?  It makes me feel like real people (other than my mom- Hi Mom) are reading these posts.

Well, Blogger.com is WAY behind the times in their comment collecting and responses.  Until today I was not able to respond to any comments.  My only outlet was to comment on my post as well and then hope that you lovely commenters come back and read my updated comments.

Well, turns out another blogger that I read (Cozy.Cottage.Cute) had the exact same problem, and she fixed it!  She showed me (and all her other readers) just how easy it is to download a comment widget and get it all fixed up.  I tested it out and I do believe that my (extremely limited) website skills paid off (that, and I read instructions pretty well).

So now, you can comment and I can reply.  This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, I can feel it.