Repurpose and renew

Perhaps I am biting off more than I can chew.  Shocker I know.  This would not be a new thing for me, as I always seem to take on more than I can handle.  BUT, life wouldn't be fun without a challenge.  Right?

I have decided to take on re-purposing some of my old front porch.  It was a great old porch and I think it deserves to be commemorated somehow.  It was so sad to see those 100 year old boards ripped out and thrown away.  Unfortunately most of them were severely rotten, which means they are no good to anyone (and why they had to be ripped down).   Our contractor hunted for good wood for me, but unfortunately didn't find much.  One night I got this crazy idea that I could reuse some of the old decking from the porch on a house project.  So, like a completely normal person, I put on my gloves and went out in the dark and started "dumpster diving" in our wood dumpster out in front of our house.

Technically I own all the wood in this dumpster, so I shouldn't feel creepy about stealing wood out of it...but I do
 I kept looking around to make sure none of my creepy neighbors were watching me (and jump roping).  Anyway, I was successful in finding a few decking boards that were still in tact and not rotten.  SCORE!

At this point I'm guessing that you are hoping I have a great reason to dumpster dive.  Well, not really.  It's more like a germ of an idea that may not work out at all.  If nothing else, I saved 4 boards from the dumpster and I will keep them forever, either in my basement or remade into something else.

I'm going to attempt to build my own sofa table to go behind our couch-in-a-box in our den.

Vintage trunk & Couch-in-a-box.  The homemade table will go behind the couch in front of the window
We need one that is a bit of an odd size so why not make our own??? I think that room would be a perfect 2nd home for some of our old front porch.  Why not.  It is the 2nd home for that awesome vintage trunk my mom gave us, and recently became home to my parent's old piano bench (look how cute it is as extra seating sans-piano).

It opens to hold piano books, but I haven't put anything in there yet....
 So, as usual, I put the cart before the horse and started getting my power saw out and getting all ready to cut my boards and create my planks. Mind you, it was nearly 10 o'clock at night.  Apparently that is perfect "fire up the old saw" time, and also the time I make great decisions.  Clearly Chris was not home to talk sense into me.

Yep, I was using sunglasses as safety glasses (don't tell my dad)
These are the planks I'm going to renew as my table top
Guess who forgot to charge the battery for the saw??? I blame Chris.  Either way.  I was out of luck.  No battery = no saw = no building projects.

So, I have not started this project.  But I will.  And when I do.  I will take lots of photos (or make Chris take them of me) for your viewing pleasure.  

You're welcome.