The height of laziness

I'm all gung ho on gardening these days.  With the sun-breaks we have been getting (midst the grey clouds and downpours), I am jonesing to get out and garden up a storm.  I am pretty optimistic about my imaginary garden that I don't yet have, despite never before being able to keep anything alive longer than a few weeks. Somehow I fee like this is a fresh start and my thumb is heading toward a much greener shade.

I spent hours on Sunday gardening with my mom, which was absolutely fabulous (thanks Mom!).  She pretty much knows everything, like the answer to the age old question "Is this a plant or a weed." (Sometimes it is very hard to tell).  She also knows how to plant things, where to put the plants and how much to water (can you tell I'm a beginner).  

We weeded, clipped, transplanted, planted, dug holes, raked, planted, watered and tried (unsuccessfully) to dig an old iron radiator out of my front yard (someone thought it was art).
We transplanted all the flowers in front and then cleared a space for my veggies.  (Notice the radiator???)
Anyway, we made TONS of progress this weekend and now I am all amped up and ready to plant my garden.  The only thing I am not ready to do is figure out what I want to plant.  I mean, that should be the best part right?  I should be all excited for the actual things I finally get to plant, but somehow I am not jazzed about that part... at all.  I think I exhausted my body this weekend to the point where my brain doesn't want to work either.  How about your brains?  Can you do the work for me?

Here's the deal. I want to plant veggies and fruits.  I really want to someday eat my dinner from items picked from my garden.  The only problem is I have no idea what veggies grow well in the good old PNW.  I need help, and ideas. 

I have 3 long window box/baskets that will sit on the railings of our front porch (as this is where the sun hangs out most of the day).  I need veggies that can grow in a line and won't get too big for these baskets.  Then, I have a whole stretch of my front yard all cleared and ready for veggies to take over (you can see it in the above photo).  This is the space to put big guys in, and hopefully, none of my weird neighbors will help themselves to my veggie-booty.

What if I told you things that I like and then you can tell me if I can grown them, and then tell me where to put them and when to plant them... ok??

Romaine Lettuce
Green Onion
Mixed greens
Green Beans
Bell peppers

Can I grow these things?  If so, where and when do I plant them??  Better yet, do you want to come over and help me???