Back in the saddle again

This is what I hear, anytime I hear the words "back in the saddle again,"  I think my mom or my grandma used to sing it to me (thanks for that).  Now you can enjoy it playing in your head (you're welcome).

Remember when we started 2000-poverty.  Well, we were all hard core and amazingly good about depriving ourselves of all the things we had grown to love over the last 3 years.  We were all proud of ourselves and maybe (just maybe) got a little over confident.

After we moved into our new house, we relaxed just enough to have some breathing room.  I mean, come on, normal people don't live like this... or do they??  We still weren't going out to dinner but we did start letting ourselves go to a happy hour or two with friends (do you know how much I LOVE happy hour??).  This my friends was the start of a very slippery slope.

We started allowing ourselves to purchase $11 wine and got a little crazy at our favorite store- Home Depot.  Then we got a little more crazy at our second favorite store- Cost plus world market.  I mean we need furniture people (even couches-in-a-box are not free).  We can't sit on cardboard boxes and stare at the pale yellow walls forever, and paint doesn't fall from the sky.

I also fell off the coupon train and was paying normal prices at the grocery store, and even sometimes buying things that weren't even on sale. Akk!!  Then, our over-confident-selves planned a vacation.  What are we thinking!?!?  OK in all fairness the vacation is costing us virtually nothing, so I think it is money well spent.  I would drink 2 buck chuck for the rest of my life just to go on vacations (I'm dead serious).

So, like the jerk that Reality is, she slapped me in the face this afternoon with our credit card bill.  After running over the numbers, I realize we had a few big purchases that were unavoidable, but nearly $800 is just stuff.  Nothing of importance, nothing we needed, nothing we couldn't have lived without.  Do you know how many throw pillows I could have bought with $800??!!! Ugh.

So guess what, I am back on the coupon train and heading full steam ahead back to 2000-poverty, right where I belong.

Now I feel kind of bad about wanting this amazingly beautiful purse. 

Thou shalt not covet expensive purses
I wanted this beauty BEFORE I saw our credit card bill.  Oh well, if I save $5 every month from now on and put it in my "pretty purse fund" I will be able to purchase this lovely guy in roughly 5 and a half years (and heck, by that time, it will probably be 1/2 price at Nordstrom Rack).

Here's to jumping back on the poverty bandwagon and liking it.  No slipping this time.  Do you hear me Chris??  It was your idea to go to Burgermaster last week, and I caved!  I can't be strong for both of us!!

Please tell me someone else is paddling upstream in the same boat as us.  Are you couponing?  Are you eating at home? What do you do to save money?  Clearly I need some new tricks.  Do you buy expensive purses, shoes, clothes, paint when you really shouldn't?  If so, can you please buy this purse and then loan it to me???