Sleeping under the sky

So we have officially been living in our new house for 5 days and I can honestly say that we love it!!!  No buyers remorse here- in fact, there are so many things about it that are so wonderful that I could go on and on, but that would be boring... or that potentially would be another post (something to look forward to??) :)

Anyway, our very favorite-ist thing about the new house is the SKYLIGHTS!!  I mean, hello, where have you been all my life, and why didn't I know about you sooner????  The clever people who built our upstairs in the 70's may have had bad taste in carpet (geometric pattern anyone??)

BUT they sure knew what they were doing when they punched holes in the ceiling of each room and put in a beautiful skylight.  Thank you previous homeowners, I really appreciate it!

We positioned our bed directly under the huge skylight in our room and at first I was a bit nervous that I would not like all the light pouring in in the mornig, but I was WRONG.  When we fall asleep we get to stare up at the stars (yes, there are stars in the city) and I find it much easier to get up when the light is shining in, I even wake up in a good mood!  I can't garauntee that the morning moods will last, but for right now, I am rolling with it.

We had our very first house guests (Keighan & Sarah), who happen to be the most fabulous friends/movers ever!!  They tried out our new guest room and they loved the skylight too, so it's not just us!  Chris' favorite skylight is this one- that we look out as we walk downstairs.

If you don't already have a skylight, go out and get one- or 4! 


  1. They are the best! I have one in my bathroom :) Get shades though...gets really hot in the summer! just sayin..but yes they are the best! -Andrea


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