New house, new neighbors

We got the keys to the house today!!!! We went to the house and walked around soaking in the new-house feel and while we were there we got our first glimpse of our new neighbors.

Our neighbor to the north seems like a nice enough older man who is clearly the neighborhood watch and perhaps a bit eccentric- but very nice. He happened to come home at the same time we were outside and stoped to say hello. When we told him we were moving in tomorrow, he told us that he could move all his cars (2) from in front of his house so we can pull right in with the moving truck. He then told us to go to the other neighbor on the south and knock on their day and see if they would move their cars too, but then he mentioned that the wife never goes outside, so don't ask for her. Um. OK? Then I explained to him that we are only bringing a 10' moving truck, not a semi so no one would need to move their cars. He was very relieved.

He then moved away from the semi truck conversation to ask us if we were bring a Jack Russel Terrier with us, since the old owners had one. When I told him we didn't have any pets... yet... he replied "interesting." Not exactly sure what that meant, I couldn't read if that was a good or bad "interesting." To wrap up our conversation he told us that a few years ago a woman got hit by a car and died a few blocks away, which is why the speed bumps are on our street. Then he threw out "you know, if you beleive in triangles." What????

We were quite impressed that he managed to work our recluse neighbor, a local death and his belief in triangles (meaning things being related to each other, not the shape) into a 2 minute conversation. And why exactly did he think that we would have a Jack Russel Terrier like the last owners? Like that was a requirement to own the house? Also, are they that common of a dog???

I'm thinking we probably will never need an alarm system at our house, since he is clearly the neighborhood watch. I am feeling super safe already, and I think he really is a sweet old man. I look forward to seeing him again. You never know what we will get out of him next time.

We haven't officially met the neighbor on the south side, although we already know that the wife "never goes outside." What we did see is presumably the husband doing jump rope in the living room window, while trying to secretly spy on us. I'm assuming he is very into fitness and likes to multi-task. Chris thought he was creepy. Either way, we will have to meet him soon. Maybe I can friendly-face my way into the house to meet the recluse wife!

Neighbors. Can't pick 'em, but I am weirdly excited to get to know them and everyone else on our block. Should I bake muffins or something or does that just happen on TV? What is the protocol on this??


  1. It's their job to bake the muffins, not you! And it happens in real life (or at least in happens on Queen Anne). I would always make snickerdoodles for our new neighbors. :-)

  2. I've heard of taking around a "Welcome wagon" stocked with drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to meet the neighbors. Always wanted to do this.


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