Big money, big money, big money

I fancy myself an ideas person.  I definitely have the ideas, I just lack the implementation.

What I want to do is come up with a million dollar idea (a multi-million dollar idea would be even better). One that I can sell to some big company and retire early and finally be able to buy wine more expensive than $10 a bottle.

I have come up with a few ideas, although so far no millions.

I had a really good one once. Well, it was a joint idea- Chris helped. We were vacationing in New York (I really miss vacations), and we were wanting to take pictures of things with us in them, but the "arm-out" picture could possibly be the least flattering one ever. If you manage to avoid the face-face/double chin (this is a huge accomplishment already), you still end up with a photo that essentially shows every pore on your face. Plus my big head blocks the background scenery anyway! So you end up with a less than flattering photo of my big head, blocking both Chris' head and the empire state building (yep my head is big enough to block the Empire state building). In case you are not familiar with the "arm-out" here's a prime example.
Told you so.
Anyway, we decided that we needed to improve the "arm-out" experience by creating an expandable arm that made it so that you can hold the camera an extra 2-3 ft away from you, thus eliminating the horrible close up photo. We got all excited about it, came up with a name (Extend-a-shot) and even started researching how to make it work when my mom sent me this link. What a buzzkill.

I stole this pic from the Xshot home page
Is this their attempt at advertising to lonely, friendless people?
So after all my hope and dreams were shot down, I went back to my good old stand-by million dollar idea that my friend Victoria & I came up with years ago: The Peelable Floor!  Although Chris laughs at us every time we bring this up, we are sure that if we could actually create something like this, that we would be retired right now (drinking expensive wine).

The basic concept of the peelable floor is that is it a special coating put on your floors.  It needs to have a special make up, where it creates thousands of microscopic layers that attract dirt, dust, spills, crumbs, etc by an electric current.  It can't be sticky, and all you would have to do is peel it up once a week, and throw it in the garbage, and there are tons of layers, so you only need the peelable floor applied once every 3-5 years.  Amazing I know!  For all the kitchen cleaners out there you know what a pain those floors are.

If you are a engineer or just someone really smart, please let me know how to make this a reality :)