People. We have progress!

We are on a slow moving progress train and although it is pretty much moving an inch per hour, it is still moving.  Some days it barely moves at all but yesterday it was full steam ahead!

While Chris was busily sorting through tax documents I vowed to unpack the upstairs bathroom AND set up the guest room.  I know, a bit over-eager huh?  Well I was all fired up and ready to go, and once progress was made, it was contagious!  I just couldn't stop.

So the bathroom didn't really change much, basically it just got emptied of all the boxes, and since everything in the boxes went inside cupboards and drawers there is really nothing to show.  But don't fret- the guest bedroom is totally show-worthy!

Lets take a small trip down memory lane shall we??  
This is what it looked like when we moved in:

Alright consider yourself refreshed.

So this is not even close to being finished, so this is kind of the mid-way point in the decoration phase.  We still need new paint colors, a headboard and a new comforter that is coming in the mail.  

Ok ok, here is the semi-finished progress:

I am not-so-patiently waiting for our new comforter/pillow case/bed skirt combo that will really complete the room:

AND, I am planning on making my own headboard with the extra curtain that I got since the window only needed one panel to cover it.  

Once that project is complete and the comforter is here the room will be completely guest ready!  Start planning your trips now :)


  1. 1. I love my new room! ;)
    2. I thought you'd be all unpacked in 2 days?



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