Home Depot my love

Do you have a deep love for Home Depot? If so, lets be friends and spend our weekends strolling the aisles together.

At this point in my life I would so much rather head to home depot and shop for paint instead of heading to the mall for pretty much anything (although I do love new shoes...). I could find a million things at home depot to buy, if only I had money.  I get very distracted in the knobs and pulls aisle- there are so many options!

Chris and I are currently working on "regular" status at the Bitter Lake Home Depot- how many trips per month do you think I need to make???

We had to take a trip to the HD a few weeks ago before we left the condo and we took our first "house trip" there this Sunday.  It was more of a necessity trip rather than window shopping trip, as we very quickly realized that we didn't have a lawn mower.  So guess what our big purchase was???  You guessed it.  Our very own gas lawn mower.  I let Chris go crazy and pick whatever he wanted since the lawn is squarely in the "man" category (along with garbage and lifting heavy things).  While there, we picked up a new light fixture option for the upstairs (not sure if we are sold on it yet), so that we don't have to go to sleep looking at this:

Oh and then we got stuck in the knobs and pulls aisle.  This time, Chris shared my enthusiasm and we went a bit crazy.  Our main goal was to get new pulls for our kitchen.  We currently have this (cookie cutter much??):

We are thinking of switching over the whole kitchen to the black/copper looking pulls that have a lot more character.  We really liked this one.  Only one problem- the pull is too small and the holes don't match up, but still a huge improvement right??

Oh well, guess that means we have to go back next weekend!


  1. As your fellow recent-homeowner-of-an-100+-year-old-house, I must concurr with the Home Depot love. But I must warn you that the love wears off right about the time you hit the quad digits in how much you have spent in four week period. Enjoy the new relationship while it lasts.

  2. Second that! The 1908 loved getting spoiled in little doses of orange + black bags ... then we hit a wall of, cripes, that bill sucks. Is sucks substitute swearing? In honor of your Lent, I somehow feel compelled to not swear or substitute swear on your blog. Hm.

    As for the lawn mower + man tasks -- the next "must have" on your Spring List should be a trio Blower/Edger/Weedwacker. Its the envy of our block, and I must say our lawn is fantastically edged. Is that a word?

  3. I am totally and completely obsessed with Home Depot and Adam and I got there ALL. THE. TIME.

    We usually have something in mind, paint, a tile, something small, and before we know it we're standing in the light fixture isle, or the door isle talking about "what ifs" and magical lands of kitchen remodels and hardwood floors.

    Home Depot. Where dreams are made. And reality kicks you in the knee.

  4. Ashley, the Accidental Olympia... that is the best Home Depot quote ever. I think I want to have a shirt made.


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