The great fence debate

We need a new backyard fence.

Thanks to the design-challenged previous owners, we inherited an extremely classy chain-link fence.  How is a chain link fence classy you ask?  Duh- you paint it black.  
Exhibit A.
This actually kind of makes it look classy huh?  Don't be deceived.
Or you put these sweet slats in it.
Exhibit B.
Don't you wish you had this?
Lucky for us, the previous owners never got around to getting those slats (thank goodness) so we are left with a really awesome black chain link back fence- which happens to enclose our (also classy) carport.  What is strange, is that we have a quite lovely wood fence around the rest of the back yard, but they just couldn't pull the trigger on continuing it all around, so they sprung for the Black Beauty.
This our backyard with Black Beauty and the carport.  Please try to ignore the dying tree, we do.
Since before we moved it, we know this would be our first real project.  Chris is all exited about building his very first fence back there, and I'm excited about him doing it (and me staying out of the way).

All we have to do now is decide what kind of wood fence we want, and if we want to extend the backyard and get rid of the carport entirely (it is really not useful).  We would gain about 6-8 ft in backyard length, but we would loose the only off-street parking we have (not that we use it).  Hopefully we can answer these questions before the sun comes out and it turns into fence-building-season.


  1. Having helped build from scratch a less than 20 square foot garden fence, and helped Adam install fence 'anti-dog escape' slats to our current fence, I fear for you.

    Fence building, is not fun.

    Very slow, very particular, very not fun.

    I suggest you find someone to do this you can pay in pizza and beer.

    Or, you should find yourself suddenly on vacation when Chris is supposed to work on the fence. Just saying. :)


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