A little lamp inspiration

This weekend we had a few shopping trips to make and one that Chris skipped out on was a trip to return some items to my favorite home store- TJ Maxx.  Since Chris didn't accompany me, I gave myself a few minutes to wander around the store before heading home.  Wouldn't you know, I found something I just love (shocker).

Meet our new lamp(s):

I didn't know I was looking for lamps until I found them, and when I found that there were two (a total score at a place like TJ Maxx), I knew it was meant to be and that they needed to find a new home as our bedside lamps.  I was hedging my bets that Chris wouldn't veto them, and lucky for me, he actually liked them!

Once I got them home I was even more smitten than in the store.  I realized they match our bedspread really well and BOOM- inspiration came to me!

Now, I am building our master bedroom around these lovely ladies.  I have decided to go with a metallic theme for the bedroom.  Sounds a bit scary right?  Well it won't be!

When I say metallic, I mean shimmery.  And when I say shimmery, I don't mean girly.  I am thinking dark grey/silver-y curtains like these:
With our dark grey/metallic-y comforter from Ikea and maybe some patterned sheets:


I really like the idea of slate blue walls- like this color:

Lastly, hopefully I can find a wonderful mercury glass light fixture to round out the room.  I really love this Pottery Barn one:

The again maybe I should do something a bit more romantic like this mini-chandelier.

We still need to find a new bed frame and dresser that will fit in the room, and new bed side tables- I'm partial to something like this:

I think the round table will really display the round lamps well and still be functional.

I was feeling really blah about our master bedroom until I found the lovely lamps. They have inspired the whole room, and I can't wait to get it all finished!


  1. i vote chandelier (spelling?!)

  2. Haha your "bedroom theme" is the theme for my whole house! =)


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