27. Best. Year. Of. Your. Life.

So this year Chris and I both turn 27.  According to Chris' dad, Gary, 27 was the best year of his life (it all went downhill from there- now there's something to look forward to).  Anyway, there is a lot to live up to if this is going to be the "BEST YEAR" of our lives.

I, being the older woman, turned 27 early this month, which happened to be the same day we closed on our new house.  What a birthday gift!  I mean, that is not going to be topped easily (but I challenge Chris to try).  That kicked off the "Best year of our lives" in grand style.

Now, today, being Chris' 27th birthday, I can't even compete in the birthday present arena, so I won't try.  This (along with homemade lasagna) is what I'm giving to the birthday boy tonight:

Happy 27th Chris! 

Nothing like SPF 50 to really express my love and affection.  Did I mention the homemade lasagna?  It's his favorite, and extremely delicious.

If only there were scratch and capabilities on computers...
Oh I think I maybe forgot to mention that this bottle of sunscreen comes with a TRIP TO MEXICO! (Cue the confetti)

The birthday Mexico trip is not exactly a surprise to Chris, but I finally booked everything today, so I think it officially counts as his birthday present.  It may not be a house, but it is a condo on the beach for 6 days! Perhaps this makes us even?

I know you are confused, shocked, having a hard time believing what you are reading.  Is 2000-Poverty over? Did we win the lottery? No. And No.

We happened upon a perfect storms of wonderful-ness.  We happened to have good friends who were dying for a vacation as badly as we were, and another friend who happened to have a fabulous condo on the beach in Mexico (that he gave us a screaming deal on), and enough frequent flier miles to get there and back for free (I knew I was saving those for something)!! Thus, a fabulous Mexican getaway appeared out of nowhere (and practically no money).

The view from the balcony overlooking the pool & beach.  You want to stay here?  You can!
 27 just may turn out to be the best year ever.  I'll have to update you when we get back.

Happy Birthday Chris!  I love you very much. There is no one I would rather spend my life with (during the best years and the downhill years too).  

I can't wait to celebrate in Mexico.  T-52 days, and counting.
Already dreaming of warmer weather