A death in the backyard

We finally did it.  We killed Black Beauty.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, Black Beauty was our hated chain link fence that finally met its demise.

It was only a matter of time before we took it down, especially since Chris had already tackled the carport.

Chris took down the chain link one day- actually in a short span of a few hours.  I left the house and he was doing this:
Digging out the cemented-in posts

When I got back, he was doing this:
Using a sledge hammer = manly
This chain link coming down was the kick off of our huge backyard project that we did during our stay-cation.

Once that was down, it was game-on to tear down the wood fence too.

Chris pretty much did the demolition-of-fences part of the project all by himself. I'm not exactly sure what I was doing, but I wasn't knocking down fences. Maybe I was painting my nails, or eating bon bons....

He took apart some of the planks, then cut through the wood with a sawz-all.  Why a Sawz-all?  Because we didn't have a chainsaw.  Duh.

At some point, one of our friends dropped off a chainsaw, and Chris finished up the demo. Thanks Matt, you upped the manly quotient by at least 5 (Sawz-alls are not particularly manly in my book).

The Chainsaw makes him looks buff don't you think?

He go it cut up into small chunks which left us with piles of crap.

Piles of crap, that I should mention have not been picked up even after my numerous FREE WOOD posts.  Who would have thought an old radiator would be picked up but not wood..... people on craigslist are weird.

Once we Chris tore down the wood fence, our whole backyard was open to our alley.  Well hello there neighbors!

Want to meet your neighbors?  Knock down a fence.  Trust me the get pretty chatty.

We actually had one guy come over and tell us that he helped build the fence we had just ripped to shreds- that was right after we told him how non-functional the carport was and how it didn't make any sense.  Insert foot in mouth. That was awkward. 

That was the end of phase one.  Well technically it was phase 2.  Ripping own the carport was phase 1.

It was my favorite phase.  Mostly because I didn't do much besides hold things, make food and take pictures.

Unfortunately, once you start a project you kind of have to finish it.... unless you want to hang out with your neighbors ALL the time- which I don't.  I don't really like new people, especially new people who happen to live next door to me (and who jump rope).

So there you have it.  Phase 1/2.  Thrilling aint it.    Lets pretend this project is weekly sitcom.  Each post will be an episode, so I'll only post about it once a week.  Then, by time I'm done posting our episodes, we may actually be finished with this project.  What?  You thought we were done?  Ha. Keep dreaming.

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