How did they find me?

I think Trader Joe's reads my blog. And potentially is stalking me. Maybe.

OK maybe not, but how else do you explain where they got this fantastic idea??? 

Yep, I'm totally claiming that chalkboard paint on a flower pot is my idea. 

I saw these when I was there last week.  The only logical conclusion is that they must read my blog.  Cool.

Oh and a side note- people were looking at me VERY weird when I took photos of the flowers inside the Trader Joe's.  I was the weird girl in the store. Again.

Then on my way out I saw these pepper plants.  For a second I thought about buying one and planting it in my garden and trying to pass it off as something I grew. 

Would you believe I grew this?
Then I heard my mom's voice saying "Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive."   Yeah, I hear my mom's sayings a lot.  That's not weird right?

I just realized that I didn't know who the actual author of this quote was, I'm guessing it isn't my mom.  I found out all these years she's been quoting Sir Walter Scott.  Cool mom.

If Trader Joe IS reading this blog.  Hi!