Here's your sign

I fee like life is always teaching me lessons.  Usually they don't come in the form of someone saying "Hey, learn this" (although Chris tries that on me a lot).  I think the lessons sometimes creep up on me and before I know it, I learned something.  Maybe that is the way it has to be with me.

Maybe you too have been learning lessons- whatever way they come to you.

To be honest, what prompted me to even start thinking about this was when I ate my lunch today at work- which I must mention was hand made by my adorable husband- I mean seriously, who's husband packs them a lunch every day?  Mine.  You can't have him.

I was eating my watermelon while working and I realized that my watermelon was dripping all over my keyboard. Note to self- don't eat watermelon over your keyboard.  You would have thought that was a no-brainer wouldn't you?  Apparently not.

The watermelon reminded me of my morning. 

I was getting ready for work (late).  I had decided I wouldn't shower this morning, since I had showered last night... which was more out of necessity than anything else, because I was covered in mortar dust, dirt and sweat from working on our backyard, and Chris pretty much wouldn't let me get in bed without showering.  So I figured I could wash my hair last night and then this morning I would curl it and it would look fabulous.  Hmm.  Fabulous, is not exactly the word I would use to describe how it looked.  It was oily (a curse I have had forever) and flat, and the curl looked like I was playing Shirley Temple in a school play. 

In that moment I wished that I was one of those girls who only washes her hair every other day, and that has volume and a slight wave.  I cursed my stick straight, oily, never-going-to-have-volume hair, then I threw it in a only mildly passable ponytail and finished getting ready.  Of course I then dripped water on my silk shirt while washing my face. The high point of my morning was when I remedied the water spot by using my blow dryer to gently dry it without leaving a mark.

As I was applying my makeup to cover the huge bags under my eyes and the zits that have inexplicably taken over my much-too-old-to-have-acne face, I noticed that the tree outside of our bathroom was blooming little flowers. I thought about taking a pic on my phone, but not only could I not find my phone, I didn't have the time. Ugh.

As Chris headed to work he came in to say goodbye, saw me in my half-ready/oily state, and happened to comment "you look tired."  Just what a girl wants to hear.

As I headed to work, I took the "long way" which is really only a few blocks longer, but it arguably has one of the best views of Seattle, the water, the Space Needle and Mount Rainier. I'm not sure why I went this way, but I slowed my speed to take a few seconds to admire the view and take a few deep breaths breaths.  As I drove past, I checked my getting-oilyer-by-the-minute ponytail and then took my first bite of a too-ripe banana, which brought me right back to my this-day-is-going-to-suck mood.

As if the morning could get more annoying, the bridge was up and waited nearly 15 minutes for it close and for traffic to clear.  AND, no one was posting anything interesting on facebook (I hate it when that happens).  I was annoyed. Ugh.

When I finally drove over the bridge I saw one of my favorite natural phenomena...sun rays breaking through clouds.  Sorry Rainbows, you have nothing on this.

I actually thought about trying to snap a pic on my phone, but then realized that would be very dangerous while driving... that, and I was remembering when Chris got a ticket for using his cell phone in the car, and I learned that lesson by paying the ticket. Never again SPD.

Great photo, it's not mine, I got it here
Honestly, it was a grey-ish morning, kind of foggy- which seemed to mirror my mood. These streams of sun rays felt like they were surrounding my car.  I know that sounds crazy, but seriously, I looked around and it was a small circle of rays and I was inside of it.  It felt like they were sent there just for me.

I got chills.

If you are anything like me, I would be rolling my eyes right now.  Chills? Seriously?  Feel free.  Roll away.

But I honestly felt like those rays were put there for me.  They had to completely circle around me to get me to notice them.  At that point I realized they were a sign.  They were actually the 3rd sign that had been put in my path that morning, but I had ignored them all until that moment.

Sign #1: The flowers on the tree
Sign #2: The drive past the seawall and Kerry park
Sign #3: The magnificent circle of sun rays

The universe was sending me signs and I was ignoring them.  I wonder what I would have got next if the sun rays hadn't stopped me??

Sometimes we all need something that gives us chills.

Sometimes we all need signs put in our path.

Sometimes I we needs lots of signs because we are too busy worrying about stupid things and rushing around.

My sign was telling me to stop. 

Stop wishing you were someone else.
Stop wondering why me.
Stop focusing on negativity.
Stop ignoring the wonderfully small joys in life.
Stop being a brat (not sure this was actually part of the sign, but I threw it in for good measure).

As I was cleaning up my watermelon drips I realized that I didn't even feel annoyed at myself (or the watermelon) for dripping. What- you have never been annoyed by a fruit before??

I had changed my attitude.  I was actually thinking how lucky I am to have a caring husband who makes my lunch, and I chuckled to myself thinking of how he would shake his head at me for even thinking that eating watermelon over my keyboard was even remotely a good idea. Lucky girl.  Right here. (Lucky girl with a sticky keyboard)

For all the other mornings, for all the times I get stuck in traffic when I'm in a rush, for all the times I have a bad hair day.... I will try to remember all my signs and then change my brat-itude.