Emotional roller coaster

You know how people are obsessed with their kids and make you look at pictures of them doing not-fantastic things and you have to pretend you are completely amazed??  This is kind of like that. Bear with me.

If you had of asked me about my green thumb last year at this time, I would have told you that I suck at gardening.  I would have just thrown away my basil plant that I purchased at Trader Joe's and systematically over or under-watered it until it turned into brown sticks.

This year I gave it the old college try.  I planted lots of things.  I tried to water all the time, sometimes I was better at it than others.  Watering is hard (especially when your husband breaks your sprayer nozzle).

Gardening is an emotional roller coaster.  Seriously, it is bad, then good, then bad, then good.  I can't keep up!

I was bummed when I killed some plants. I felt especially bad since this was a housewarming present from my friend who is a killer gardener (get it.... killer gardener- ha!)

Then I was happy when I grew some strawberries.

I don't mind that one is deformed
Then I was bummed when squirrels dug up my onions and lettuce.

Then I was excited when I finally had a zucchini grow (that is singular, yes only 1 zucchini grew all summer).  But lets be honest, I'll take it.

This little guy hasn't gotten much bigger, but I still love him
Then I was excited that I grew tomatoes, but I couldn't get those little guys to turn red.

Then last week it happened.  The heavens opened and the angels started singing and finally my tomatoes turned red!
Lovely little Romas
I feel like I have won the gardening lottery.

Guess who will be eating nothing but tomatoes for a few weeks???

I feel like gardening and I are going to be good friends.  We are only casually dating, but I think this is going to turn into a long term relationship.