3 hour tour

I sat down with a glass of wine and finally updated our virtual house tour page.

I know this doesn't sound like it is such a daunting task that it should require wine, but you have clearly never tried to photograph your whole house, edit the photos, post them and then comment on them. In case you are thinking about it, pour yourself a glass now.

Ok now head over and appreciate my wine induced photography. Pretend I am walking you around the house and pointing things out.

You will notice that I don't have any pictures of our 3rd bedroom.  That is because I went to take photos and it is completely trashed.  So trashed I was embarrassed to show you.  Yep, I'm trying to impress you with my cleanliness.  Is it working?

Just for fun.  Pour yourself a glass of wine (actually any beverage will do), take off your shoes (Chris doesn't like shoes in the house), and wander around. Cheers.