The rule of 10

I have finally hit a wall.

After our stay-cation, I have lost all my motivation to do pretty much anything.  I'm serious, I don't even have motivation to water the plants (sorry sad little thirsty plants).  Apparently all the DIYing, painting, demo-ing etc has worn me out!

It seems like I just can't build up any motivation these days, but alas, life must still go on.  So I have taken my mother-laws-advice and I'm now working on her Rule of 10.

The Rule of 10 is very simple.  You can do anything for 10 minutes, and if you do 10 minutes a day, you have accumulated over an hour of "doing" that week.

Sometimes you have to trick yourself mentally... or is that only me?  If I only have to commit to 10 minutes, somehow I feel like it is so much easier.

Tonight I will do 10 minutes of watering, then watch an episode of the Housewives.  Then I'll do 10 minutes of dishes.  Then I will watch another show... probably Gilmore Girls.  While I'm watching that, I will be building up the motivation to tackle this:

Blowing out the candles FAIL
 Lets face it, this is not a 10 minute problem.  While Chris is playing golf, I will be thanking him for blowing out the candles last night cursing his name and scraping infinite bits of wax off of every surface in our dining room. 

Just for that I might make him watch a Gilmore Girls episode when he gets home.