Finding balance

I strive for balance in my life.

Balance between life and work.

Balance between friends and family.

Balance between time alone and time with others.

Balance between working on the house and having some time to relax.

Balance between working out and laying around.

Balance between growing up and staying young (at heart).

Balance between living life and blogging.

Did that last one throw you for a loop?

Yeah, well, guess what... blogging takes a lot of time and energy.  The pickle that I have created for myself is that I blog about my home and projects that I do, but sometimes I have some many projects to do that I run out of time for blogging.

I often find Chris heading to bed and I am still holed up in the den with the laptop trying to get a blog post up before I head to bed too.  Most often, I'm still wearing my painting clothes still covered in the project of the night.

Don't get me wrong, I love the blog.  I love recounting my projects, seeing my progress and (hopefully) inspiring others to get crafty, DIY, and how to mix old and new.

I actually told Chris last week that I really hope to inspire people to head out to garage sales and re-purpose items that need a second life.  Sounds like a pretty good goal to me.

So in my quest for balance I also hope to inspire.

I will continue to work on both. Bear with me.