Why can't people just be normal?

I constantly question- why can't people just be normal??? Yes, I do have a very clear definition of normal, and I'm pretty sure we can agree on what a rough picture of normal looks like-  it basically entails not being weird (duh).  I mean seriously, why are people so weird??

This leads me to my long list of pet peeves.  I obviously can't list them all here, although I think there are some definite highlights of my list. I don't mean to dwell in the land of negativity, but I am reminded all the time of my pet peeves, I just can't get away from them.

My largest annoyance right now, and potentially my #1 pet peeve is:  People getting in the elevator before you have gotten off. 

Please tell me that you also experience this phenomenon, and it is not just me who has this issue.  To me, elevator etiquette is quite simple:  Press the button, wait for the elevator doors to open, allow people in the elevator to get off, then enter the elevator, push your floor button, smile politely to other elevator occupants, get off at your floor.  Simple right??

Well then please explain to me why on a DAILY BASIS I get people rushing the elevator doors, like it is an evacuation.  Perhaps they don't see me??  Trust me, if I was going to use my Harry Potter invisibility cloak for anything, it would be for something WAY COOLER than hiding from people in elevators.

Now, I am not a horrible person (at least I don't think so), and I realize that sometimes you are busy doing something else, and you absent-mindedly walk in the elevator and don't realize you are preventing people from getting out.  This is totally OK as long as you say something to the effect of "Oh gosh, I didn't see you, sorry!" That is what a normal person would do.  What weird people do is look at you like you are a road block preventing them from going where they need to go, then shoot you a dirty look when you try to sneak past them to get OUT of the elevator. Ugh, if I didn't work on the 4th floor I would never have to deal with this.  Oh the life of working on the 1st floor (a girl can dream).

I can't be the only one with a list of pet peeves.  What annoys you most that other people do?  Or are you a love and light type of person who never gets annoyed by anything?  If you are that person, I'm not sure we can be friends.