Ding dong the Red is dead

So do you remember the office?  Here's a refresher.

How could you forget the red?
 Yeah, I remember it too.  

The previous owners did us no favors in that room.

The office was the original master bedroom in the house.  They enlarged it and then they installed built-ins, which we love.  That is pretty much the extent to the things that they did that I love.

They did some things that I hate:
1. They partially spackled the walls.  They only spackled 3/4 of the walls.  Lazy much??
2. They spackled the crown molding.  Enough said.
3. The painted the walls red and then sponge pained black on top of that (possibly to hide the fact that they didn't spackle the full wall??).
4. They painted the crown molding... correction- they SPONGE painted the crown molding.

So I set out to rectify all of the problems that the previous owners left us.  First I had to spackle the parts of the walls that were missing it.  Actually I was not looking forward to this part because the only spackle I had ever seen is the old-school style where you have wet paste that you have to manually flick onto the wall.  I had vague memories of my dad doing old-school spackle when I was little and all I could remember is him being covered in white dusts and it taking hours.  Yeah, I was not looking forward to that at all.  

Never fear, Home Depot to the rescue.  Some genius made spackle in a can!  Wow, we've come a long way since 1990.  Glad to see it.

You are an amazing invention. Why didn't I invent you?

An action shot for your enjoyment
Guess what is the last thing am impatient person (that's me) wants to hear? Wait 30-60 minutes before painting.  Ugh, I was ready to paint, but now I had to wait.  I was not pleased, Chris on the other hand, loves any reason to break from painting.

Beautiful spackle job if I do say so myself
Once the spackle had dried, we got all the new spackle primed and then spent all night painting the walls a fabulous shade of navy-gray.  

Rolling over the primer with the new paint.  Bye bye red!
We got the walls painted navy-gray, and the molding is primed.  I was able to get a coat of white on the moldings, but apparently it is going to take a lot more than that. This room is not making it easy on me at all!

Sweet painting ladder that I got from an estate sale for $5- score!

The radiator was already painted that color, and it happens to match perfect!

French doors make me happy