Art is in the eye of the beholder

Before we moved into this house I didn't really have an opinion on lawn art.  It never really entered my thought process.

You know, like wrought iron flowers or other minimalist decor...

Not horrible...
Now that we live in our house I have STRONG feelings on lawn art, and they are all centered around HATE.

The previous owners thought that an old wrought iron RADIATOR was art.  Um yeah, you read that right.

Maybe they were saving it from the landfill?

Clearly I don't agree.

Who half-buries a radiator in the front garden???

I knocked it over
If it wouldn't cost me a small fortune I would like to ship that ugly rusted radiator (and the bad square patterned carpet) to the previous owners in Missouri.

To me, this ugly rusted radiator is right up there with giant air filled Easter bunnies (which someone on my street has had up for over a month).   Seriously, you should have to get 20 of your neighbors to sign an OK-petition before you are allowed to put one of these up (and for a month... really???).

Which would you rather???
My mom and I tried to dig it out a few weekends ago, but we quickly realized it was the heaviest thing we had ever encountered.  My dad offered to tie a rope around it and hook it up to his truck and yank it out, but I'm a little afraid that would tear up my whole front yard.

Our neighbor (the eccentric one), has offered to saw the radiator apart with his commercial grade Sawz-all.  Although we have declined his offer TWICE, he continues to ask us if we want him to "take care of it."  He also came over the other day to let us know while we were at work he tried to yank it out on his own.  Great- we have a crazy neighbor in our yard trying to lift hundreds of pounds all by himself!?!  Ugh, that seems like a horrible accident waiting to happen.

Anyway, since we have not yet found a good solution to our radiator-as-art problem, it sits in our front garden (half dug out) looking as trashy as ever.  Again, we are really classing up the neighborhood.