Like a true Seattlite... gray it is

Not sure if it is an inside reflection of the outside weather, but I want to paint my walls gray.

I know, right?

I really want gray walls.  I mean really want them.  I had something like 40 paint samples of "gray tones" taped to my walls in the den for the last few weeks.

As I lived with the various grays, I would pull some down and throw them into the "no" pile.  I finally decided on 2 grays.  Which, admittedly, look very similar to each other.  I let Chris make the final gray-decision- nice of me huh?  One we are calling "gray-gray" and the other we are calling "purple-gray."  Clearly, naming paint was not our calling.

We have (kind of) decided (tentatively) on the purple-gray. 

The partially painted sections of the walls were up for almost a week and at first we were sure we wanted purple-gray, because then gray-gray started growing on us.  So really we didn't know for sure which one we were going to end up with.

Me, not being much for wishy-washy paint decisions, went ahead and bought 2 gallons of the purple-gray.  After spending $50 bucks, I was committed to purple-gray.  As I was driving home from Lowes (I was cheating on Home Depot, don't tell) and I started to have buyers remorse- maybe I shouldn't have bought 2 gallons, maybe that was a little too aggressive.

Lucky for Chris, I decided that we were going to paint the den and the upstairs hallway on Friday night.   Yes, we have fascinating and fun lives.   Chris painted solid for 4 hours.  This is impressive! I got a little carried away and painted until 12:30 at night, then got up at 8 the next morning and finished it off.  Yes, I am a bit OCD about finishing a painting project.     

Yellow pillows, charcoal couch-in-a-box, gray walls & white trim.  Love.

A little World Market art to spice up the wall

Hockey on TV (Canuck 'Em) and the doorbell box is still yellow (try to ignore it)

Chris wanted to be in the picture, but didn't want to show his face
I knew right away that I loved the purple-gray.  All my paint-buyers remorse feelings were totally gone.  The combo of the white trim with the white built ins and the gray walls was perfect!!  Plus, who doesn't love gray and yellow?  It's like milk and chocolate chip cookies, a perfect combo.  I already have the yellow throw pillows (on the couch-in-the-box), a yellow coffee table tray and I am still dreaming of this yellow rug from West Elm.

The yellow & gray & white is just perfection (at least in my mind).  The only problem.... it makes our hideous carpet even more hideous (didn't realize that was possible)!  Who could have known that the drab pale yellow as actually making the geometric carpet less abrasive?  Well, now the crappy carpet is just jumping off the floor and ruining my otherwise perfect room.  Replacing the carpet has now jumped to the top of our remodeling list.

Gross gross gross
As long as we don't look down, we love this little room.  It has become our family room, and now we hang out in this room every night.  The couch-in-a-box is getting more use than we ever thought (thankfully it is comfortable).    It's amazing how something as simple as a paint color to really change a room and make it inviting.  I seriously love this room!