A great way to spend a Saturday

Volunteering is always a good way to spend a day.

I've never left a day of volunteering and thought to myself that it was a waste of time or that it was a bad day.  I always leave feeling refreshed and thankful for the life and family I have.  It reminds me how blessed I am and not to take it for granted.

As I was driving home from 15 hours of volunteering this weekend, I got a bit choked up.  I had so many thank-you's to say to friends and co-workers.  Many people I know gave up their day to come support me in my volunteer project.   I was truly touched by how selfless people are and how amazing it is when people come together to do good.

Each year I spend the last Saturday in April at Rebuilding Day as part of a Rebuilding Together project. Although the day is crazy and hectic and a bit out of control, I love it.

This year was a great reminder for me that giving back is always a good thing to do.  Its no surprise to me that I always end up getting just as much out of volunteering as the person or program I'm volunteering for.

One of my friends mentioned to me at the end of the day "It's amazing what people will do when you give them an opportunity to do something good."  I never thought of it like that, but he was right.  If you give someone an opportunity to do something good, they will most often surprise you.

I can't thank everyone enough for their efforts and amazing work that they did on Saturday.  I am truly blessed to have amazing people in my life who are willing to give up their weekend to help others.

Here are some great pictures from our Rebuilding Project.  If you want to be involved next year, We'd love to have you.

Anna knows the importance of a hat on Rebuilding Day

Courtney and Christie are my Rock Stars of the day!

Tyler and Kyle blew me away with their skills

Leaders for the day, and amazing group of people