Never ending story

Recently, I decided we needed a photo wall in our house.  They are all the rage these days, and they are so warm and homey feeling.  I love that you can fill a big wall with small frames (read- this is way cheaper than buying big art).

Not my house... clearly

Young House Love's photo wall in their hallway
So we decided on black frames with black and white photos.  We are mounting these in our stairway going upstairs, which we just painted gray (along with the den).

I got all excited and started going through all our photos from the last few years.  I then spent the next few hours photo-shopping all the photos and turning them into black and white. 

Now I am on a serious hunt for black picture frames.  I don't want every picture frame to look exactly the same, I want an eclectic look.  Although, if it was up to Chris, every picture frame would be exactly the same.  Clearly, he is not in charge of the frame purchases.

So I bought a ton of black frames at Ikea, which are a cheap and simple way to start off.  I had armfuls of picture frames and when I got home I got a bit crazy framing all of our pictures.  I had a huge pile going and was so excited.

Then, I realized we have lots of walls. I only had enough pictures to cover 1/2 of the 1st wall.  Just great.

This is the start of the wall
Only 1/2 the wall is filled with photos at this point

This is the stairway that I'm lining with photos

Photos leading up the wall

Adorable shadow box I snagged at a garage sale for $2 with a fabulous picture we took of the bay in Chicago

Yeah, I finally found a spot to put this picture up!!!
So, it looks like I will be on a never ending hunt for black picture frames and of pictures to frame.  Sometime when I'm around 45 (and the rest of my house is complete) I will have the photo wall done.