Come here...summer... summer...summer...summer

I think I speak for everyone in Seattle when I say, "hurry up summer and get here soon!"  We all get tricked into believing that it is almost here each time the sun peaks out from behind the clouds.  Then we all get disappointed when it goes back to hide for another week.

Since we had a rare warm/sunny day last weekend, Chris and I headed to the stores to scope out some outdoor furniture.

After we successfully purchase and assembled a couch-in-a-box it seems only fitting to buy outdoor-furniture-in-a-box, so we headed straight to Ikea (where everything comes in a box).

Thank goodness for those great Swedes, because they make outdoor furniture that we can actually afford!  We found a table and chairs that are the exact kind Chris was dying for, and all that at budget/boxed prices.

Chris doing his "man of leisure" pose

How cute are these going to be when I make seat cushions for them??

On the next sunny day we will probably spend 5-10 hours assembling our chairs-in-a-box and table-in-a box.  I'm not sure how much alcohol will need to be consumed, but I'm guessing at least double what we needed for the couch-in-a-box.

At least when we are done, we can enjoy a delicious dinner on our NEW BBQ!!!

I'm hungry just looking at this guy
Thanks to Chris' parents and my parents for such a wonderful housewarming present.  You guys rock!!  There is something about a red BBQ that makes me feel like having a backyard party.

Now if only the sun would come back and stay for a while, we could really get this party started!!!