Looking cheap vs. being cheap

Do light switch covers make you crazy?

Or am I the only one?

Seriously, as I write this I am sending dagger eyes toward the light switch in close proximity to me.  I'm in my lovely gray den, and a hideous beige light switch cover is ruining my otherwise perfect wall.

Why oh why is the traditional color of light switch plates a horrible tan/beige??  Who has walls that match this in their house?  Oh that's right, I do.  Yeah, the pale yellow that the previous owners painted EVERY ROOM IN MY HOUSE, actually match the beige color of the light switch plates- gross, gross, double gross.  The only other option is really to do bright white, which also seems a bit boring.  Better than beige, but still very boring.

Now I am on a hunt for cool light switch plates.  I think I may need to go get some vintage ones, to match my door knobs.  Something like this maybe?? 

Pretty right?
I'm not all about painting the light covers, I think they always look a bit weird/cheap.  Agreed?

The last thing I want is my house to look cheap. I mean, I may BE CHEAP, but I don't want it to look cheap.  I mean come on, we bought a couch-in-a-box, that may be the height of cheap, but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't LOOK CHEAP.  Right?

High class couch-in-a-box

Painted light switch covers (and beige ones) LOOK CHEAP.

I guess I'll add these to the list of millions of things to do.  You don't need to be an electrician to change these out right?  I don't wait to accidentally kill myself over these. I don't care about them THAT much.

As I'm writing this I am realizing I am probably more crazy than I thought.  Why am I even spending time on light switch covers...like I don't have way more things to worry about.