Not quite white

Rain in Seattle is bad for the painting business.

Mr. Moon, our (amazing) painter has been busily working to get our house looking like a million bucks and now that the sun and heat has returned, he has been able to make tons of progress.

Our very loud Russian siders are finally done with their part of the project, including removing the diamonds from the gables.
Lets have a moment of silence for the diamonds.


There were plenty of diamonds that were harmed in the re-siding of the house, and I couldn't be happier.

Chris was kind of pro-diamonds.  He wasn't exactly in love with them, but he didn't hate them either.  I think he thought they set our house apart; made it a bit different from the others.

I feel like they were a weird kitschy addition to the exterior of our house, and they didn't quite fit.  They were the siding equivalent to front porch lions or lawn flamingos. Cheesy.
Not a fan.

After some discussion, the diamonds lost their tenure at our residence.

Ashley 1, ugly siding diamonds 0.
Ignore the diamond on the top left, it's gone now too
So now, we are full steam ahead on getting this place painted. 

Mr. Moon started by spraying the base color, which is Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore (which is essentially slate grey + navy blue, although the online sample looks more grey + brown).

Already, that made a HUGE difference.
If you didn't know, I was not a fan of the moss green + yellow + burgundy combo the house had been rocking for the last few years (painted before we moved in).

So, just to see a new rich, deep and sophisticated color was amazing.
Once the house color was up, he started painting the trim, which is Rich Cream by Benjamin Moore.

He had only painted the porch railings and window casings when I knew something was wrong.

I hated the color, mostly because, as Mr. Moon said, it's "pretty much the same color."

Yeah, they yellow trim I was trying to get away from was back, just in a cleaner and more expensive version.  I couldn't even get a photo that would show it, as the colors are almost identical.

We had already bought two gallons of paint and we had paid Mr. Moon to waste a few hours painting a bad color. So, he halted his painting and we re-strategized.

He pulled out the big fan of sample colors and we looked at every version of white/cream/diamond white/light beige/eggshell etc until we found what we thought was a winner: Swiss Coffee by Kelly Moore.

We were looking for not too white and not too yellow.  It seemed like a perfect mix.

We were wrong.

From the street it looked like blinding white-white.
Chris hates white-white as much as I hate yellow-white, and Mr. Moon hates our hatred of the fifty shades of grey white.

Seriously, I think Mr. Moon was a bit done with our indecision and changing minds, but he just smiled and agreed with us (smart man).

We promised him that we would get some samples and chose a winner over the weekend. We also promised that we would make a final selection AND buy the paint for him so he didn't have to go to yet another store.

Since he is the sweetest man on earth, he was fine with it, or at least he pretended to be.

So, on Friday night, I ran by the hardware store on Queen Anne and stole every swatch in the store that housed a white-ish color.  I think I brought home 75 samples.

Then I picked my favorites and hung them up on the porch for Chris to chose from.
Luckily, when pressed, we can both make tough decisions.
We decided on 2 contenders (both made by Valspar) Meringue (A) and Queen Anne's Lace (B).  We favored Queen Anne's lace because of the name (obviously), but in the end Meringue was our winner.  It was the perfect mix of white & cream, perfectly rich and smooth.

We knew we had made the right choice, when Mr. Moon got it up on the front of the house.

We were essentially the high five'n white guys at this point (please tell me you watched Almost Live in the 90's). 

Even though we had made 2 bad decisions prior, the third time (as usual) was the charm.

Our high five'n was short lived when we realized we still had to make a decision on a door color.

Yellow, Green, Teal, Red, many choices, so little time.