Fall means football

Pardon my absence, but we were busy soaking up the last drops of summer.

When you are trying to jam pack your weeks and weekends with summer fun, it doesn't leave much time for anything else.

This summer seemed to last forever, which was fantastic, we got so much out of it, but we are ready for fall.

Fall means football in our house.

Particularly, Husky football (although Chris will watch ANY football he can get in front of).

We attended the inaugural game at UW's newly renovated stadium this weekend.  It was Hunter's first Husky game and the first game in the new stadium.  It was kind of a big deal.
He only lasted a few minutes into the game (after about 4 hours of tailgating and 1 hour of pregame festivities in the stadium), but he was there. 

He liked tailgating more than the game, mostly because there were not 70,000+ screaming people surrounding him (even his little ear plugs didn't drown out that noise).
We are lucky enough to have plenty of friends and family that join us at the games, so Hunter was well loved and taken care of that day.  He probably won't be joining us at many other games this year (he's just a bit too young), but we are glad he was there to mark the occasion.

From here on out, it's nothing but football Saturday's and lazy Sundays until the Holidays, and we couldn't be happier.