I've never painted a house before.

Which means I've be never have to pick a house color before.

Picking interior colors is a walk in the park compared to exterior colors.

When I pick paint for a room inside the house, I know that it's a very limited investment.  A gallon of paint is only $25-30 and only takes me a day to paint. So, although I am thoughtful in my choice, I know that it can easily be changed.

Exterior paint is a whole different ball game.

First off, we hired a professional painter to do the job (smartest decision ever? I think so).

So, when we send him our color choices, we can't exactly change our mind. Not only is all the paint he buys non-returnable, but we can't ask him to repaint the whole place if we don't like it, unless we are willing to pony up the dough (which I'm not).

We figured the only way to be 100% sure about our choice was to do plenty of research.

So we walked and walked and walked (Ketchum LOVED this part). We logged lots of miles around Queen Anne looking at house, after house, after house.

Our target was to find houses that had blue/navy/dark grey base colors and white/cream trim.  

Option #1:
We liked this one but it didn't have enough grey or navy in the blue, although the yellow door was a hit.
Option #2:
This blue was just too light for us, again we liked the yellow door.
Option #3:
This one had a too much purple in the blue for our liking (don't get me wrong, we love UW purple, just not in house paint)
Option #4: 
This one was very blue without enough grey, but we liked the trim color
 Option #5: 
This was nearly the winner, it was almost the perfect color house and trim, but #6 was slightly better.
 Option #6:
Winner winner chicken dinner!
We fell in love with this house and the color at the same time.  It's officially our new house crush.

Not that we need a house this huge (it's probably 6,000 sq ft plus a carriage house and garage), we would need to have a Duggar sized family to fill up a place this big (and that is NEVER going to happen- a perm with bangs and floor length denim skirts are not my jam).

Can you imagine cleaning a place this big?  Or decorating it?  Oh if only I had unlimited budgets for a live-in maid and a team of decorators.

So, in the mean time, we are going to recreate this beautiful mansion in our own humble abode.

We lucked out that the house is under construction and there are painters on sight, so Chris asked the crew for the paint colors and gave them to our painter.

We are total copycats.

I'm guessing the owners of my big fancy dream house won't mind that we stole their colors.  They are probably too busy sliding down their piles of money, Scrooge McDuck style, to even notice.

So back at our itty-bitty house,  we are getting ready for a full makeover.
Soon, the green, maroon and yellow color scheme will be nothing but a faint memory.  One that I won't be sad to let fade into the back corners of my mind.