A colorful door

House painting is sooooo close to being done.

I think Mr. Moon is doing the final touch ups today.  I think I'll be a bit sad to see him go, actually. 

He's the last hold out of our workers for the summer.  When he leaves, we are closing up shop on remodeling for the winter.

We'll be so lonely without all our contractor friends!

Before Mr. Moon could close up shop, we needed to make one last big decision; the front door color.

Chris and I were both leaning toward a yellow(ish) door.  Although we briefly considered red, orange and teal too. 

When I say briefly considered, I really mean that I said the words out loud while Chris shook his head.

Once we decided on yellow, and by decided, I mean that we can agreed loosely on a color family.  Choosing the actual color brought us all the way back to square one (like our trim debacle).

I grabbed a ton of samples from light yellow, to golden yellow, to grellow (greenish-yellow).
We were able to narrow it down to 4 color options just by looking at the samples next to our new house colors.
I painted each one on the door and then our system of elimination began again.
It took us 4 days of staring at the colors, and even adding a 5th color (in the middle) to the mix, before we ended up choosing a pretty cheerful yellow, Bel Limone by Valspar (the one on the top left).

I won't lie, the decision wasn't unanimous.

I lobbied hard for the grellow color (bottom left), Spanish Olive by Valspar, mainly because it was a PERFECT match to the color in our front porch bench cushions.
In the end, Chris thought grellow was a bit too "funky" for our house.

I wasn't in the mood to debate what funky meant to him, or how much I love something that is perfectly matched, so I caved. Plus, we were under a time crunch.  We couldn't afford any more back and forth.

I liked the Bel Limone color too, so we went with that.

Plus, I can change the door color at any time if it didn't end up looking good.

But, don't worry.  It looks GOOOOOOOD. I've got to say, Chris was right (write that down),  it was the best decision ever.

I have never been more in love with my house. In luuuurv, if you will. 

Once the door got painted, we decided to go whole hog and paint the mailbox too.  They are a dynamic-front-porch-duo.
They are cheery additions to the freshly painted house. Plus, the new stain on the front porch makes everything so fresh and so new.

I absolutely couldn't be happier with the colors.  I LOVE coming home each day and seeing the transformation.
I kind of love this view too.  I call it "How much is that doggie in the window."