A hot mess

Everyone has the room in their house that is not on "the tour."

You know it's the door that you close and hope that no one opens it (nosy guests- they are probably looking in your medicine cabinet too!).

Mainly you are crossing your fingers the door remains closed, because that is where all the junk gets thrown in order to "clean" the house before guests come over, and then it sits like that and never gets un-junked.

Or maybe it is the birthplace of many a DIY project that never get completed, and thus it also is their final resting place.

In our house, that room is our guest room- which creates quite a pickle when guests come to stay...

Ever since we had Hunter, that room has been a hot mess.  We combined the guest room with my sewing/craft room and it took on the look of a hoarders den.

Fabric is stacked all over the room, wrapping paper is stuffed behind the chair, bed rails are stacked at the end of the bed (clearly I was thinking about safety but never got around to implementing it), and there is a large sheet of foam waiting to be turned into the tufted ottoman I've been talking about for two years now (procrastination is my middle name).

To add insult to injury, it became a temporary bedroom for Hunter- the Goldilocks of our house- so there is remnant baby crap lingering from his stay.

Oh yeah, and who remembers the headboard I made?
Well, that has seen better days too.  Buttons are popping off and the fabric color is much too close to the wall color for my liking. I've been meaning to recover it for a while now, but like everything else, I just haven't gotten around to it.

This room is a prime candidate for Trading Spaces (if that show even existed anymore), but that would assume we would have neighbors who we would be able to "trade" with (which we don't).  We basically need HGTV to come in and overhaul it.

But I'm not holding my breath for that to happen, so I'm taking matters into my own hands.

Why am I focused on this room all of a sudden?  Hunter has recently ended his month long stay in this room, and only in the last few weeks he started sleeping in his crib (for the first time in his life). So I decided it was high time to get this place looking like it is ready to welcome some guests (who are coming in September, so at least I have some time for more procrastination).

My main concern is streamlining this room, which means more storage and less stuff.

This room is not huge.

Understatement of the century.

Tiny, is more accurate, like all the bedrooms in our house.  They are meant for sleeping and not much else.

The already has a ton of stuff in it, including a lot of furniture,  I just need to figure out a good way to organize it.

First things first, the TV table has to go.

As much as I love it (and love the $5 I paid for it), it needs to find a new home.

The table got placed in the guest room when I reorganized the den (and eliminated the need for a sofa table), and it has been holding up the TV in that room (that never gets watched) for months, taking up space and collecting dust.
Ultimately, it looks like there isn't a good spot in our house for this table, so I may paint it in a fun pattern or color and sell it for a profit like I did my french chair.

I want to put a chest of drawers in its place so I can utilize that space at the end of the bed as storage as well as a TV stand. I'm in the process of procuring and refinishing that now.  

Hopefully I can get it done before the guests arrive!