From rags to riches

Guess who got something accomplished this weekend??

Yep, I was a machine.  I was checking things of the list right and left

Don't get excited, I didn't even touch the nursery....I swear I'm going to get to that....


I finally finished a long overdue project (that has absolutely no bearing on getting ready for the baby).

2 Buck Chuck is officially King Charles II.

Boy does he clean up well.

Here's a reminder about what he looked like when I snagged him for $2 at a garage sale a few months ago.

He had seen better days for sure, but I knew he could come back to life with a new modern twist.

Even though I never thought he would get finished, I finally put in the time (while Chris was golfing) and got him done- despite the "help" Ketchum was giving me while I reupholstered in the backyard.

So, to refresh everyone on the process (since this is my first time tackling re-upholstery), here are the steps I took.

1. Removed the trim and the fabric (carefully so I could use it as a pattern) by pulling out all the small nails around the chair.

2. Taped off all the stuffing to protect it from the spray paint

3. Sanded the wood part of the chair to remove the clear varnish and rough up the wood for painting

4. Prime the wood with a good primer

5. Spray the chair Tropical Oasis blue by Valspar

6. Carefully remove tape so the stuffing doesn't come out

7. Cut new fabric by using template of old fabric
8. Nail the new fabric to the chair (I used the old nails and I used a staple gun with mini nails to get in the harder spots)
9. Trim excess fabric
10. Glue on new trim- I went around twice, to cover the nails and the edge of the fabric
11. Touch up any nicks in the paint

And BAM, you take a $2 chair to $200 status!

Technically, he is not $200, but that is what I would probably sell him for.... that is, if I sell him.  He really doesn't go with our house at all, but I'm thinking of redoing the guest room (in conjunction with the nursery), so he may end up in there.  Chris said he didn't mind if I kept the chair as long as it wasn't on the main floor (what a guy).

So I'm going to hold onto King Charles II for a while and see what I decide.  If I do decide to sell him, I will determine a good price for him later.  Just to see what else was out there, I searched around and found these.... apparently he could be worth anywhere from $800-140- what a spread.
$699 from here
$350 from here
$799 from here

$140 from here
$150 from here
So if I decide to sell him, I'll let you know.  And hopefully you can help me determine what is the "right" price for King Charles II.  All in, I've spent about $40 on him- I would say that any amount I sell him for would garner a nice return, but I'm kind of emotionally attached to him now.  

Just for kicks, lets look at a side by side:
That's what I call a transformation.

We will see what happens to him, but I'm quite pleased with my first re-upholstery attempt.  Perhaps I'm finally ready to tackle that tufted ottoman I have been planning for over a year............

That is, after the nursery is done!