2 Buck Chuck

Garage sale season hasn't official begun in Seattle, but on the rare sunny April weekend, a few sales pop up, and apparently this is the time when you get amazing deals.

When I say amazing, I mean Ah-mah-zing, all snobby like.

So here we are, at a sale not even a block from my house and I stumble upon a man who is literally selling everything at his sale for 1, 2 or 3 dollars.

I really appreciate his simplicity.

To be honest, I don't even want to haggle over prices with $1, $2, and $3 tags (and haggling is my favorite part).

So when I saw this french chair marked for the sweet price of $2, I was not about to pass it up.


Is it because I am redoing our whole house in a french theme?

Nope (I think Chris would use a veto on that one).

Because I couldn't live without it?

Nope (well kind of).

Because I knew Chris would hate it?

Also kind of.

The real reason was because I know a money maker when I see one.

Usually I am not in the market for buying low and selling high.  Mostly because I don't have the time and patience to actually do it.

Chris has mentioned several times that I should buy things cheap, fix them up and then sell them as a side job.  I have to remind him that I have a real job and that I'm not looking for a side job that takes up TONS of my time and doesn't provide much return.

But when I saw 2 Buck Chuck, I couldn't resist.

He's rough, but he has a lot of potential

Such cute detail work

Look at those great arms

These french chairs are so hot right now, especially in the DIY/blogging world (What? You don't know about this secret underworld?  Well, now you do).  I knew I could literally put Chuck on craigslist, as is, that very afternoon and make at least $20 profit off him (probably more).

But, I have an affection for Chuck.

Of course I do.

I want to reupholster him and make him beautiful before I sell him off to some family who will love him enough to nickname him.  Hopefully (for my sake) they nickname him something that has to do with how expensive he was (instead of how cheap).

I will be sad to see the newly spruced up Chuck go, but sadly my house is far from french, and I'm not really in need of a new chair at the moment.

So, he will be a pure profit generator for me (once I get around to recovering him).  And I'm going to spend every cent of profit on something frivolous and just for me.... like more garage saling, or maybe a year's supply of Molly Moon's ice cream (and then a freezer to house it all).

Anyway, my possibilities are endless, but first I have to fix him up.  I'm giving myself until the end of May to make this transformation happen, and if Chuck is still in his current state come June 1st, he will be listed on craigslist for a moderate sum and sold as is for some other DIY'er to tackle.

You may be thinking to yourself... "where does she get her confidence that she can sell Chuck at a profit?  I think that chair is ugly."

Oh yee of little faith....

May I present some exhibits for your review.  Mind you, these are all currently posted on craigslist:

Exhibit A:  Similar to Chuck, but no ripping on the bottom.... oh and did you notice it's missing a back???  Minor detail.....
Asking price is $200, buy it here
Exhibit B:  Similar style, but in good condition (at least it has a back)... if you consider fabric with cigar boxes on it to be "good condition"...
For a cool $100, you can make your man room complete with an ugly chair.  Buy it here.
Exhibit C:  This one is missing arms, which I think is a deal breaker, but at least it is pretty to look at and the fabric is in good condition, but you will have to skip your car payment this month if you want it....
You need $285 for this armless beauty, buy her here.
Exhibit D:  Last but not least, this chair is a hot mess.  Did they let their kids color the pink pen on the legs???  I'm confused by this whole thing, to me this is more of an overhaul than chuck....
If you want to be sitting pretty, you only have to have $75 to swoop her up.
Now can you see why I jumped at 2 Buck Chuck?

I am going to head to the fabric store to find some pretty and pretty inexpensive fabric to recover him in.... who knows, once I'm done Chuck may be a real King Charles IIVX.