B Day

The day has finally come and passed.

B day.

Also known as Baby-shower Day.

What this also means, is that our house is finally NOT under construction and 100% livable again.

This is where you should visualize me doing some sort of happy dance.  Similar to the one below- if you shake your computer screen side to side, it looks a lot like my dancing....
This was after my race last weekend, just before Chris told me that I should never do this dance again.
After all the weeks of preparation and stress I realize I value one word more than ever.


As in, call in the professionals.

As in, don't take everything on myself.

I had no idea how good outsourcing could feel.


My biggest win of the week was when I hired a house cleaner, and she cleaned for 10 hours to make my house shiny and sparkly and clean smelling. OMG can you even comprehend cleaning your house for 10 hours straight?  I can't.  I don't ever want to know what that feels like.  Ever.

I've never knew what I was missing with having a house cleaner, and now that I do, I'm not sure I can ever go back.

I was so impressed with the cleaning she did.  There is not one speck of dirt or dust left in my house.

I'm serious.

Window sills, clean.

Base boards, clean.

Under the beds, clean.

I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to be able to take a deep breath in my house and not inhaled dust and dirt.

That was the first amazing outsourcing I did. Then, that felt so good, I couldn't stop.

So I outsourced the floral arrangements next.
Arrangements complimentary of Sweetly Hosted
One of my best friends, Bunnie, has an events and floral company and she graciously offered to make some arrangements for the party.  She brought over two stunning color blocked arrangements that just made the party perfect. If you are planning an event or need gorgeous floral arrangements, you should check out Sweetly Hosted.

Needless to say the party went off without a hitch and my sister was showered with enough gifts to keep her little bundle of joy happy and well clothed for the next year or two.

Come on baby, hurry up and get here.  We can't wait to meet you!

 Congrats Keely, can't wait to meet your bundle of joy!