A work in progress

I’m sure everyone is getting quite tired of me complaining about the chaos and construction that has been living in our house for over a month.
Heck, I’m even tired of talking about it.

So this would be a perfect time to show you the after.  Except the “after” may be more chaotic than the “in-progress.”

You see, when all the construction was finished, that didn’t mean that they put all our furniture back, washed all our surfaces and meticulously cleaned every last speck of dust from my house.

But if dreams became reality, that would have totally happened.

Instead, it didn’t.

So we now get to go through the slog of wiping down every surface in our house and moving all our furniture back into position.

I know you are expecting a bright and shiny BIG REVEAL post, but I’m going to make you wait.  
Trust me, its worth the wait- just like homemade ice cream or a huge line for the roller coaster at the fair.  The anticipation only makes it better.

Unless of course, you want to come to my house personally and pitch in with the cleaning, moving, complaining and sneezing (from the copious amounts of dust), then you will not only get a firsthand look at the new, improved, wall-less space, but I may even let you pose in a photo or two.

How’s that for an incentive?

Actually, the only person crazy enough who loves us enough, to even step foot into our chaos is my dear friend Lauren, who also happens to be a gluten for punishment.  You may recall hearing about Lauren when she moved in with us for a few months last summer and she jumped head first into my DIYing and even pretended like she wasn’t slave labor. 

We actually have a running joke about Lauren’s sweatshop, except it’s not a joke.  She is possibly the hardest worker EVER, and what’s even better?  She doesn’t complain.

She will sit there and listen to Chris and I complain about the dust and the dirt and how much work this all is, while at the same time busily wiping down the spindly legs of all of our dining room chairs.  And, since she is a multi-tasker, she does that while also inhaling so much dust that we all had some serious sneezing fits.

She. Is. A. Good. Friend.

So basically what I meant to say is that chaos is still living in our house, and pictures of the after are forthcoming.

I promise that everyone will get a BIG REVEAL soon.

But not too soon, probably next week

You can't rush a good thing.