They call it puppy love

Over the weekend, we added a puppy to our family!!

After months of searching for a golden retriever through the humane society, the Golden Retriever rescue and animal shelters, we came up empty handed.

Since we have a limited amount of time before the baby comes, we wanted to get a dog as soon as possible so we had at least a few months to integrate him/her into our life. 

So, after speaking with the lady from the Golden rescue, she let me know that the chances of getting a young golden in the next month or so were very limited.  She said that they have not been getting any young ones into the rescue and mostly the dogs they were getting were much older with serious medical issues. 

So after going back and forth with her, she recommended some breeders in the area so that we could get a puppy sooner rather than later.

So, after looking for about 2 weeks for a puppy, we found a family on the peninsula who has a farm and breeds her family dog and only does one litter a year and she had puppies ready to go home.

After lots of back and forth, we decided to go ahead and get a puppy from her.

And we are so glad we did! 

We ended up getting a 10 week old male puppy and we named him Ketchum (as in Ketchum, ID- where Sun Valley is located).

We love him so much already!  He is very good tempered and so sweet.  So, now without further ado, please meet Ketch.


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