Mutual admiration society

The two little boys in our house have always been close.

Mostly it was Ketchum loving on Hunter for the first 9 months.
3 weeks old
1 month old
3 months old
Hunter realized that Ketchum was pretty cool around the 4 month mark.

Now, they couldn't be more in love.
Brothers don't hug, they put each other in a headlock
They sleep together.

Sometimes they sleep ON TOP of each other.

 And somehow it is ALWAYS in our bed.

I have to admit it's kind of adorable.  When I get up to shower, Hunter is usually in our bed (he makes his way in around 5:30 each morning) and Ketchum jumps into my spot and they snuggle up to one another and snooze for a few more hours.

 When they both finally get out of bed, they are always together.

Hunter has recently learned to crawl....on top of Ketchum.  Luckily Ketch is the most patient and mild mannered dog when it comes to tolerating Hunter.
Hunter's newest trick is to climb on him and steal the bone right out of Ketch's mouth.
And he lets him.
He waits until Hunter has finished with his bone- which usually entails Hunter sucking on it....yes its super gross, and yes I let it happen.  Everyone needs a little dirt/dog saliva in their lives- right?

Ketchum may actually be so tolerant, because he finally relaized that Hunter is going to be an unlimited source of food for him. So it's a pretty good trade he's making.

In our house, we don't feed dogs any "people food"- which means the only time he tasted the sweet nectar of "people food" is when he swiped salami off the table (he got a serious doggy time out for that offense).

Recently, Hunter has been eating more "real food" and has figured out how to toss his food on the ground...and Ketchum has wasted no time finding the food on the floor.
Now, when Hunter gets in his high chair, Ketchum sets up shop at his feet waiting for his afternoon snack.
Although I don't love Ketchum's new diet, I figure it is inevitable, and it makes my clean up job pretty darn easy.
I know that getting a puppy and having a baby within three months of each other sounded crazy, but I think it may have been one of the best decisions ever.