Wordless Wednesday: Jetsetting

We have been all over the place lately.

In the last few weeks, we have been to Vancouver, Camano Island, Washington DC, Portland and SunRiver, OR. 

We've already covered the Vancouver & Camano trip (that didn't turn out so well for our car), so here is a photo recap of our DC and Oregon trips.  

Hunter has now completed 8 flights and 2 long distance (11 hour) car rides.  He is officially a seasoned traveler.

And, since we have to renew our passports anyway, we may as well get one for him too (not that we are going back to Canada, but Europe sounds nice...).

First, DC was fantastic.  We had never been there before, so we hit all the monuments and tourist traps. I spent most of my time at a conference for work, so I only got to explore a little bit (hence why I'm wearing the same outfit in all the pics).

Museum of Natural History- I loved the humungous sea turtle fossils
Museum of Natural History- Chris & Hunter were into the shark jaws
The National Mall
Lincoln Monument
On top of the Lincoln monument in their new favorite photo pose
Georgetown University cannons
Museum of American History- Dorthy's ruby slippers!
Georgetown University
We definietly will make it back to DC someday and hit the millions of things we didn't have time for. It is a very cool city, probably one of our favorites that we have ever visited.

SunRiver was a fantastic trip as well- in a completely different way.  My dear friend Ashley got married and I had he pleasure of being a bridesmaid for her so we spent 5 days enjoying SunRiver & participating in wedding festivities. It was no work and all play (the best kind of vacation).

My sister Chelsey joined us for the trip as Hunter's date to the wedding. SunRiver is amazing, with miles of biking trails, water parks, pools, river adventures, horse back riding, great food & tons of family fun.  We didn't even get to do half of the offerings there, so a return trip will definitely be in order. 
Chelsey getting a tan and Hunter teaching her his splashing techniques
"I love the water, but hate this hat"
"Mom, stop taking pictures, I am trying to play"
All I can think of is the Hangover, whenever Chris wear's the Bjorn
Hunter was not the biggest fan of biking, or helmets....
Beautiful Bride
Walking down the aisle
Amazing idea- BBQ with bibs, delish & adorable (Hunter ripped his off right away)
I think we are going to take a few weeks and stay home for a while.  Try to get some things done around the house, grow some more grass, paint a room or two and enjoy the Seattle summer.

Hope your summer travels have been stellar!