Just add water

Each day when we head outside to water the backyard, I think of how far it has come.

Gosh I love a good make over.  Especially one that has changed so radically (kind of like the basement).

We basically made something out of nothing back there.

Who remembers "black beauty" our chain link fence?

Chris really loved demolishing that thing.

It's hard to remember it like that, as we are so used to having our much larger, fully fenced yard (for almost a year now).

It is not in it's final stages of "done-ness" quite yet, as we still hope to do some pavers, a fire pit, continue the fence on the south side of the house, and refinish the deck.

But, it's in the middle stage of "done" with our newly planted grass.

You will be pleased to hear that the whole new dirt + grass seed + water + 1 week = GRASS.

It is kind of amazing to me that it happens that quick, but there were quite a bit of green sprouts within 6 days.
So, since our non-rototiller plan was working, we decided to do the rest of the yard one night.  It was actually pretty quick work....especially since we ran out of dirt about half way through.

Oh well, at least we will have 1/2 grass for the party.  We will just put tables and chairs over the bare spots and hope no one notices.

We did realize that Ketchum was VERY interested in digging in the new dirt and licking up the seeds, so we had to create a puppy fence so that the grass would have time to grow.

It was a use-what-you-have type of puppy fencing, that included a ladder, patio chairs and flower pots. 

Classy huh?
So, if you are in the market for grass, it's reassuring to know that growing it is way easier that you think.

The hard part is watering it everyday.