Wordless Wednesday: Slow Growing

You know what is painful?

Watching grass grow.

It. is. so. SLOW.

Wouldn't you know it, I have a deadline for the grass and so far is it not meeting my expectations.

We are throwing a graduation party for my little sister and we really need grass in our backyard... like yesterday.
We had not planted grass yet because we hadn't quite decided what we were going to do with the backyard.

Originally, we were going to do this fancy landsape project with pavers and fire pits and unicorns, but then reality hit us in the face when the landscape company's bid was $26,000 (I think it was the unicorns that pushed us over budget).

Ex-squeze me?

I'm quite sure I choked on my own spit when the jolly old landscaping man painly told me that the cost for landscaping my backyard (and front walk way) was just a smidge more than 2 year's tuition at UW for Hunter.

No thank you.

Grass seed costs $10.

I'd rather save the other $25,990... or buy that backyard unicorn I've always wanted.

Chris is much more of a saver (and isn't that into unicorns), so we opted for the "grow your own grass" landscaping that is all the rage these days.

I let Chris do the shopping, so of course he spent more than our $10 budget.  He ended up with special "grass planting soil" and "grass food" and even a "grass seed dispenser" (which was actually really cool).

So all in I think we are at the $50 mark for our "fancy" landscaping.

Ketchum likes the backyard just as it is, dirt for digging and grass for playing, so he was not much help in the landscaping process...mostly because he was trying to catch the grass seed in his mouth or drink from the hose while we were watering.

We did a "test" patch to make sure that the soil-food-seed combo would grow, and if we see signs of life in the next few days, we are going whole-hog on Saturday and planting grass all over the backyard. And by WE, I, of course, mean Chris.
The only reason we didn't do that at first is because, we may have to till the soil underneath (which would really be a pain).  So if it grows in this patch, then no tilling is required.  It if doesn't, then Chris is going to have to rent one of those crazy rototiller machines and go to town.

Either way, I need this grass to grow NOW.  

Dear universe, please make my grass grow asap....and while you are at it- can you make it cut itself and resist weeds...oh and dissolve dog dropping instantly? Thanks in advance- Ashley