Best 5 bucks I've spent in a while

Remember when I went dumpster diving for remnant boards from our old front porch?  Then remember how I thought I would just make myself a console table for the den out of the reclaimed wood?  Then, remember how I thought that was going to be easy? Ha.  Now is the time you can laugh at me.

I realized that not only do I not have the correct tools to cut, sand, nail, stain and finish the project, but the craziness of buying all the necessary materials and tools would cost me a small fortune.

So I abandoned the project and moved onto another project- buying a console table.  (Although I will at some point figure out a good (easy) use for those old porch boards.)

When I say that buying this table was my new project, I can assure you I took it seriously.  Even more serious than dumpster diving.

I went garage/estate saling 3 weekends in a row to find just the perfect table.

Last weekend Bunnie and I hit the garage sale jack pot.  There were 40 houses all on one block having sales.  We walked the streets up and down looking for amazing deals. It was like we had died and gone to garage sale heaven.

As we were heading back to the car, after a long walk of disappointment, we found the jackpot.  We happened upon a simple console table without a price tag.  When I asked the price, the lady said that I could pay whatever I thought was fair. Um... what?  I must have looked either very confused or just poor, so the lady blurted out... "how about $5."  I think I yelled "sold" a little to loudly and a bit to fast, but I was just so excited!  

I can't recall now if I actually did my "happy dance,"  but I would like to think I did.  This was a monumental score.  I was totally prepared to pay $15 for this table.  I completely forgot to negotiate, since I'm not sure where you go from $5.  I mean, should I have said "how about I take this away for you and we call it even"?  Not even I have that type of negotiation skills.

I love that the table has edges.

Cute little cris-cross legs
Before console table

After console table.  Plus, the lemons and picture frames I got at the sale.
Plus a remote-holding basket from Goodwill for $2!

Oh, and I must mention that at this huge block sale, they sold treats!  Baked goods, soda and even butter-dipped corn on the cob.  Yep, corn on the cob.  Bunnie was a bit scared off by eating corn on the cob that some random guy was making on his camping stove, but not me!  I was happy as a clam with my butter soaked corn on the cob.  I would like to suggest that everyone add a corn on the cob stand to their garage sales.

We hit up one more sale on our way home, and by time I parked the car, I was soaked in corn/butter juice and of course I had spilled the tray in the car causing butter to leak all over my console (typical).  I had just enough napkins to wipe myself down before pawing through more stuff.  Bunnie found a great H&M bag and I found black picture frames (for my photo wall) and some decorative lemons for the new sofa table (cause I can't get enough yellow right now).  It came to $11 but of course we had to do some bargaining.  We used the old bundle-everything-together-to-get-the-best-deal-trick & the I-only-have-this-much-cash-left-trick, we're old pros :)  After complimenting the owner's outfit and her sandwich (flattery always works), we offered her $7 cash- pretending it was all we had.  Luckily for us, she just wanted to get rid of her junk, so we walked away with all that stuff for $7.  Double score!

All these frames (4 of them still wrapped in plastic) were $4 total.
The photo wall is growing!

On top of our great buys, we also got a nice tan since it was 75 and sunny here in Seattle.

And just for fun, this is what happens when you take guys garage saling.  Inevitably they find a huge stack of pillows and decide to jump into it.  Don't worry, it's not Chris (he won't come saling with me). Bunnie sure is a lucky lady.
Ryan finding his happy place.