Its all fun & games until someone throws up on a plane

If you are guessing that this story ends with someone throwing up, you guessed right.  But before I can tell you about the throw up, I have to tell you about our lovely trip to Mexico.

We headed down south to our friend's condo at Icon Vallarta in PV for 6 days of fun and relaxation.  I'm not even sure that the pictures do this amazing property justice.  If you are looking for a getaway, you should definitely stay here!! 

Looking down on the pool & ocean from our 23rd floor skyvilla
View from the deck looking down

We really wanted to eat lunch at the table

3 pools

3 towers of condos

Who doesn't love a hammock?

Lots of "art" which was fun to lounge in
I told Chris I wanted this couch for our backyard

Beach bar 
After lathering up with SPF and breaking out the tank tops and flip flops we enjoyed days upon days of beautiful sunny weather- exactly what us sun-deprived Seattlites needed.

We spent most of our time lounging by the pool, laying by the ocean, drinking margaritas and eating chips and guac.  I went through 4 books and quite a few naps.

We headed out to some amazing dinners with incredible views.

We spent a whole day deep sea fishing and found out that we are pretty darn good at it.  At least the guys were good at it.  The ladies mostly held down the fort on the front of the boat. 
Best time to fish is when the sun is coming up

The boys pulled these in.  The girls just posed with them for pics.

On our fishing adventure, we came upon 100's of dolphins.  We spent about 40 minutes boating along while they jumped, swam and spouted water on our feet. If I had super long arms I could have petted them while they swam.  If I was braver, I would have jumped in and swam with them.

We took our catch of the day home- a 40 pound yellow fin Tuna- and made a delicious dinner.

Then, like the good shopper that I am.  We headed to the market one day to pick up some traditional Mexican items to bring home.  We found lots of things that we didn't need, and even a few things that we did need.  We came home with a matching platter and dip bowl along with some Mexican vanilla.  Don't worry I haggled them down from $40 for the platter to $18.  Winner!  Chris even did the haggling on the vanilla and got a $16 bottle for $8.

After all our shopping, reading, tanning and fishing, we needed to get out and party!  Lucky for us, there was a foam party going on at Senor Frogs... can't pass that up!
We weren't brave enough to get in the foam, but we still wanted to play with it
After the partying, dancing and staying out all night, we finally headed home. This is when the story gets good.

The last night we were there we all went out to a huge dinner and then went out dancing to live rock and roll.  One of my rules of drinking is "never mix alcohols."  Even I break my own rules sometimes, and when better to break them then when you are in Mexico?  Well, we started drinking margaritas (that came with their own shooters of tequila), followed by the complimentary Kahlua & cream after dinner drink.  When we got to the dance club I started drinking a vodka drink.  Good idea right? Wrong.
This was my last meal.  I think it was what did me in.

Individual shooters for our margaritas
Well I started to feel not so good, but kept right on dancing.  
Must have been a good song
I was feeling worse and worse but by time I got back to the condo I fell asleep but woke up feeling better. Unfortunately that feeling didn't last. By time we got to the airport, I was feeling pretty bad.  Not in a hangover way, but in a I-want-to-rip-out-my-stomach way.

By time we got seated on the plane I was doubled over in pain.  I tried to wrap my mind around being in that seat for 3 hours, and even drifted off to sleep for a bit.  Unfortunately when I woke up, I was feeling even worse.  Luckily the beverage cart was just pulling up and I got some much needed 7-up. Unfortunately the 7-up was not what the doctor ordered.

All of a sudden I was NOT FINE.  I needed to get to the bathroom NOW.  The only problem was that the beverage cart was in the aisle, and I was sitting in the window seat.  On top of that, we all had our tray tables down.  I was TRAPPED!  I turned to Chris to ask him to ask the lady next to him to move so I could get out, but there was no hope with the beverage cart in the aisle.  Finally, realizing I had no way out, I reached for the barf bag in the seat pocket. 

Too bad it didn't exist!  I mean come on, where are the barf bags??  Apparently you need to ASK for a barf bag these days.  Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the barf bag?  Anyway, I started sweating and then I couldn't hold it in anymore. All of a sudden I was throwing up, ON MYSELF!

I had a scarf around my neck and it became my faux barf bag.  I used to like that scarf..... thank goodness I had it on me or else I would have literally threw up all over myself and my clothes! 

As I started throwing up all over myself/my scarf, the woman next to Chris saw me and freaked out.  She proceeded to flip up her tray table, launching her cranberry juice in the air, spilling all over herself and Chris.  The stewardess also freaked out and tried to get the beverage cart out of the aisle to accommodate the woman who was now jumping around to get away from the flying cranberry juice and possibly to avoid any projectile vomit that may be headed her way.

Once you start puking, you can't stop.  Also, after you puke on a plane, you have to try to clean yourself up in the airplane bathroom.  Let me tell you, cleaning puke out of your hair is awfully difficult in the tiny bathroom sink, and very gross.

When I got as cleaned up as I could I did the walk of shame all the way back to my seat. When I sat down, and got settled, I proceeded to murder my computer (we already know about that story).

So that is the story of our Mexican vacation.  Now every time I think of Mexico I think of throw up and computer massacres.

Word to the wise.  If you get on a plane, check for a barf bag right away.