An untimely death

Miss me?

Yeah I missed you.  Actually I still do.  I'm back, but not really.

I was out of town on our fabulous Mexican vacation and so I went on a mini blog hiatus for 11 days.

I had every intention of blogging all about our trip as soon as I returned and telling you all about the cute house stuff I found in Mexico!  But then there was a death in the family.  RIP Macbook.

Yes, you read that right.  Our computer died.

Well, it met it's untimely demise at my hand.  I killed it.

(As usual) it was an accident.  There I was, on the plane coming back to home sweet home watching season 4 of Dexter when BAM!  I spilled my whole cup of Sprite on the laptop.  Spilling is actually very normal for me.  Although this may be my most costly spill ever.

What happened next was too sad for words.

Long story short, our trusty macbook's screen turned black and shut down, and it has never turned back on.

I moved as swiftly as possible to wipe up the spill, flipped it over to drain it and even removed the battery (I basically did what I do when I drop my cell phone in water- not that I have ever done that- ha!).  Since I didn't have a large bowl of rice handy on the plane to suck all the moisture out of the computer, I had to wrap it in paper towels and hope for the best.

Apparently hoping does nothing for a Sprite-soaked computer.

So here I am, computerless, blogless and sad.

We have been to the Apple store where the "genius" told us that we have no warranty left and that it would be $755 plus tax to send the computer to be fixed.  He then followed that up by telling us a new computer starts a $1,000.  So, we of course are going to buy a new one and hope like hell that I can pull all the files off our old on.  The "genius" was "pretty sure" that the hard drive was ok......  I'm loosing faith in "geniuses."

He started to explain how I could "easily" remove my own hard drive, buy a nifty little contraption called a sled, then transfer all my old files onto my new computer.  Apparently everything is "easy" to a "genius."  I completely tuned out right about when he started saying I could "remove my own hard drive,"  like that is ever going to happen.  That is what "geniuses" are for. Duh.

Anyway, so here I am without a computer, also without anywhere to put my pics and get them off my camera and no where to blog.  So you will have to make due with a slightly longer hiatus than originally planned.

Plus, to top it all off, Chris is making me wait until after the 15th so we can buy the new computer on our next paycheck. Lame. His practicality is ruining my (blogging) life.

On the upside, I managed to download a stellar photo from our trip.  This was back when I was happy, before I killed my best friend Mr. Computer.

Sunglasses at night