Baby Watch 2012: Nursery Reveal

Its done, its done, its done! Ok, its pretty much done...

The nursery is finally complete (minus a few final touches) and ready for the baby to test it out.

I thought we may never get this room done, but we have steadily worked on this room for the last 3 weeks and since we are only a few days away (hopefully) from having this baby, it feels good to have this 9 month-long project (mostly) all wrapped up.

This has been an awesome project, but a long and tedious one.

I actually feel like this is our most finished bedroom now, and of course, I love it.

It was the only room in the house that I didn't touch with a paint brush when we moved in. I left it in all its light-yellow-paint-&-bad-carpet-glory. 

We knew that we would someday make that into a nursery, and so to avoid a double room makeover, it sat as-is as my stand in sewing/craft room for a year and a half.  It was functional, but never a great room.

A few months ago, we cleaned out the room to get it ready for the big transformation. I removed everything from the walls, puttied the holes and took off the switch covers to prepare for the paint.


I also created a mood board and started crafting my idea of what this room could look like.
Then I painted the room a light grey color and did stripes on the back wall (which I love).
Then we got new carpet installed, which delayed the whole setting-up-the-nursery progress.  Once the carpet was in, Chris brought all the baby stuff into the room and started the process of assembling the baby furniture.

It was really fun to watch Chris put together the crib.
Since I couldn't do anything to help, I just snapped pictures and enjoyed watching Chris hard at work. Once he put together all the furniture, I was in charge of putting away all the clothes and decorating.

So over the last week of maternity leave, I've been slowly getting things done.

I'm still short on "art" for the walls, but this is a fully functioning nursery now, which means this little baby can come out now (come on baby, this is your official invitation).

I'm working on some crafty art projects right now, so maybe this baby is a big art lover and is holding tight until I get it finished and hung on the walls.  Lets hope that's not the case, because these days projects are not on any real time line.

Ok, so here you go, our gender neutral Husky Nursery.
New crib, refashioned rocking chair, new shelf and rugs
Storage corner
Changing table, dresser and diaper bag
Co-sleeper that will go into our bedroom
Husky Mobile that plays "Bow Down to Washington"
Baby H.... name to be decided
I love how the rocker turned out.  This monkey was mine from when I was little.
This Ikea shelf was the perfect fit for this space, along with the grey/yellow flags made by Sara. So many cute stuffed animals and books from our friends.
Awesome hand knit baby blanket and bear!
All the clothes are washed and put away according to size.
I did it- I got a sheepskin into the nursery! The purple rug turned out great with the striped walls.  The flags will come off the crib when the baby is actually sleeping there.
So there you have it.  The nursery is officially ready for Baby H.

I love it.  

I like to admire it each time I walk past.  I can't wait to see the baby in there.