Carpet Chaos

Things are always under construction around this place.


We moved in back in March of 2011 and ever since, we have consistently been in the midst of construction, upgrades and projects.

So why would now be any different?

Apparently having a baby ANY DAY has no bearing on our construction schedule.

Remember I keep mentioning the secret projects that have been happening around here?  One of those secret projects was getting rid of our beautiful gross carpet in our upstairs bedrooms.

Did we NEED new carpet?

Not exactly.

Did we WANT new carpet?

Um.  Yes.  

Double yes.

Did we need new carpet NOW?

Yes and No.

The carpet was in fine shape, but who knows how long it has been there and what is trapped in/under it.
We have known forever that we would be replacing the carpet at some point, and as the baby gets closer and closer, it seemed like it was now or never to get the carpet replaced.

It made more sense to do the carpet now, before the nursery was all assembled and put together (and the baby was actually here).  Obviously living in a house of chaos full of boxes and bags of stuff was not ideal, but bags and boxes are a lot easier to move than fully assembled furniture.
Plus, our stairs were not exactly to code.... meaning that we really needed to make them safer before we had a little person to worry about.
See the diagonal stair?  That is NOT to code, and a fall hazard
So, we decided that the time was now.

We also decided that I wouldn't be involved operation safer-stairs/carpet-overhaul AT ALL.

Seriously, I wanted nothing to do with the project.

The only way I agreed to my whole upstairs being torn apart was if I could leave the house with everything still in place, then come back with new carpet, safer stairs and all the items back in place.

I wanted it to feel like magic. Like little elves snuck into our house while we were away and installed new carpet.

Magic it was.

My in-laws were more than happy to have Chris, I and their grand-dog move in for 3 days, and I was ecstatic for what felt like a mini-vacation.  My mother in law is a fabulous host all year round, but she really upped the ante this time, by making all the meals, taking the pup to the park (mild bed rest doesn't allow much park time for me), doing all the grocery shopping and even washing and folding all the baby laundry!

I told her that I was never going to leave.  Its like the best kind of hotel ever.

While I was enjoying Hotel In-Laws, Chris and his brother were playing the role of magic elves, completely dissembling all of the 3 bedrooms and all the furniture in them, carting them all downstairs- then doing the whole thing in reverse a few days later.  

When the pup and I arrived home a few days later, the stairs were safer, the carpet was new and all the bedrooms were put together again.
Don't you wish the internet had a touch & feel option?
The stairs got a safety overhaul by our contractors, who removed the diagonal stair, added a platform and a 2nd stair.
Old single stair & diagonal stair
New platform
New 2nd stair
All carpeted
Granted, the nursery was still filled with boxes, but the dresser from the guest room was now in the nursery, the sewing stuff was in the guest room and things were starting to come together. 

I've got to say, the chaos and the craziness was all worth it.  The new carpet is so soft and neutral and clean.  Not to mention I had a fabulous mini-vacation.

 I could walk on this with bare feet all day long.